June 18, 2011



You are about to complete the studies on
the local school for adventurer.
After years of learning and lots of sweat
you take the final examinations.
If you pass the tests, you can hit the road
to exercise the learned. Your reputation in
the guild of adventurers depends on the
number of treasures you bring back.

You travel to many destinations. Only the
fittest survive. Depending on your skills and
strength you may be able to master the numerous

The village Golmbach is the home of the adventurer. There’s a shop for
adventure requirements, a bank for your account, some places for one’s
leisure time and the travel agency. The travel agency is the
starting point for your way into the far world.

Ok, this was an introduction to the game Ya3dag.
But the game is more a technology demo of the graphics engine Quake2Terrain and the associated game dll Q2Tgamex86.
Want to create your own levels?
Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Ya3dag has a built-in “what you see is what you get” level-editor and has been specifically
designed for rapid level creation.

Some screenshots


Ya3dag is based on the quake 2 modification Quake2maX and the lazarus game dll.
Below are some of the things added:

  • Terrain is the main enhancement. The terrain is created/modified in an integrated editor. Also
    models and entities are managed in this editor.
  • Quake2 and quake3 player models can be used as player figures and for NPC’s (misc_actor).
    Quake3 player weapons are used for the quake3 player models.
  • Q3 texture-shader language support.
    Texture-shaders can be used for md2 models, md3 models,
    bsp models and terrain splatters.
    Not supported are the keywords for portals, mirrors,
    cubemaps and fog.
    Existing texture-shaders can usually be reused.
  • Smart NPC’s. As models, any quake 2 or quake 3 player model can be used for them. Scripting fits
    the behaviour. The NPC’s have a memory and the player can talk with them.
    There is a waypoint system managed by the editor. So the NPC’s know where they
    are and where to go.
  • Integrated level editor:

    • Terrain creation/modification.
    • Texture the terrain.
    • Color the terrain.
    • Add splats to the terrain.
    • Wather, lava, haze.
    • Models of type .md2 .md3 and quake 2 .bsp are managed here.
    • Lights. Shadows are seen immediately.
    • Waypoints are managet here.
    • Settings for sun, weather, clouds, …
  • Environment simulation. Day and night change. A day in game life corresponds to 24 Minutes.
    There is a sun and a moon walking over the sky. Rain, snow, lightning and clouds.
  • Physic simulation based on ‘Bullet Physics Library’ software.
  • New levels appear in the offer of the travel agency.


Ya3dag’s level editor video – Mod DB

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