December 27, 2009

Quake Rants

After cleaning up a bit the former PlanetQuake archives, there’s still a lot to do to optimize the sites.

I started the Quake Source project. It’s based on the idea of OpenQuartz. Quake Source will feature new, royalty-free textures, fonts and graphics. Thanks to Baker from QuakeOne.com, I found the GPL’s map sources released by ID Software, but I’m not sure I’m going that way. OpenQuartz featured several maps created from scratch. Quake Source will contain several maps to emphasize all map features: foliage, terrain, fog, indoors, outdoors and everything else I might think of.

I also started a small mod database, with all modifications and addons I could find. Everything is still in alpha state.

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  1. toneddu2000 Says:

    Great! I hope you’ll have success! I’ve always tried to start a reconversion of Quake but I always got stucked in troubles about models exporting! I’ll follow your updates! Compliments mate!


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