August 13, 2010

RTCW and Enemy Territory GPL source release

Straight from Blue’s News! Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory source code has been released.

The id Software FTP directory offers a little QuakeCon gift from id Software, as it now hosts the public C source code for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Return to Castle Wolfenstein single player, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer (all direct links), which are all available under the GNU General Public License. These source releases contain no game data, so a retail copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein will still be required to access assets from that game, while Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is free, and still available through Splash Damage. In each case the game’s EULAs are still in full effect. The source downloads are mirrored on Gamers.org where they also have the read me files for Enemy Territory, RTCW single player. and RTCW multiplayer.”

Direct links from idSoftware FTP:

QuakeWiki.net mirror:

  • [Download not found] – Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Multiplayer)
  • [Download not found] – Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Single Player)
  • [Download not found] – Enemy Territory

Head to the barracks to download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free! You’ll also find player guides, editing documentation and more.

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