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ChipQuake Project

Last night I kicked off my long-awaited (by me) project. I dubbed it ChipQuake, until it starts to shape up into something I can properly name. There is no screenshot yet, as the project is yet in early development changes. Recent activity on Inside3D made me take a decision, a decision to finally start my

OpenQuartz 2 Updates

What’s new with OpenQuartz 2? I’ve been sorting out some files and started documenting everything. Starting from the /gfx/ folder to the data paks. I’m doing this for an easy CSQC integration with the current source. I want to integrate CSQC with QC, QuakeWorld QC, Frikbot and Gyro. I’ve been fixing some errors in QC,

Quake Retrospective

Lewis Denby did a great job writing a Quake retrospective. “It’s a 16-year-old shooter, yet I remember it as if it were just last week. I remember the pre-release buzz. Here was id Software’s follow-up to Doom, a spiritual successor that rendered the entire world and all its contents in an astonishing three dimensions. I