February 29, 2012

Leaked Doom 4 Images

A Coreean site just posted some leaked screenshots of Doom 4. There are no indications, so far, that these images are either fake, or from a different game.

The images show where the game will take place, which is Earth. A grungy atmosphere, life-like, resembling a survival horror type of game.

Doom will “not be another four-year development period”, said John Carmack, but will have “three times the graphics richness” because it runs at 30 frames-per-second, rather than 60, which Rage targets.

“You can expect the Doom game to look like it’s developed with the next-generation graphics technology,” said Carmack.


Kotaku posted more leaked Doom 4 images – http://kotaku.com/5889491/looks-like-these-are-more-doom-4-images/ –  the images are unconfirmed, but show some of the character models from the game, as well as a building that’s been eaten and something labeled as a “nest” growing in an underpass. (It’s not clear who labeled the file “nest,” so it could well be something else.) See all leaked images above.

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