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Xeno CTF is a collection of professional-quality levels done by some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, as well as some of the most talented designers from the CTF community.  Xeno CTF has been blessed with levels by Rogue Entertainment, Ritual Entertainment, and id Software.   Additionally, seasoned mappers from Expert Quake and CTF Plus! made significant contributions to the project.


Xeno CTF 1.0

allstart - Introduction John Romero
Additional exits by Dave "Zoid" Kirsch and Marc "]" Rittierodt
xeno1 - MidEvil CTF Dale "Midiguy" Bertheola and Christian "Disruptor" Antkow
xeno2 - Sadness of Death John "Tattoo" Schultz
xeno3 - Dunsinane George "DieharD" Myshlyayev
xeno4 - Armageddon 3 CTF Matthias Worch
expctf1 - Nicole's Virtue - Expert CTF 1 Anthony J. Distler
xeno6 - Mayan Existence Steve "Gateway" Tietze
xeno7 - Remix Eben "dungo" Gulick
expctf2 - Expert Base Charles "Myrkul" Kendrick and Rich "Publius" Tollerton.  Based upon Base32 by Christian "Disruptor" Antkow, which is based upon maps by John Romero
xeno8 - Xenocide Flag Academy Jim Molinets



Jim Molinets, Steve "Gateway" Tietze, and the other members of Rogue Entertainment for offering the levels that initiated both Xeno CTF and All-Star CTF.

David "Bounty Hunter" Metz, for having the guts to approach professional level designers and for keeping the project moving forward.

David "Ender" Brewer , the sage council behind every decision, the king of logo design.

Marc "]" Rittierodt assembled the episode, created the wonderful slipgate for the start map, and provided general support during the entire process.

Chris Bolin and Jacob "Gooseman" Jaeggli created the Xenocide Skin used by Xeno CTF servers.

Special thanks to the members of Clan Xenocide for their assistance, especially Guy "Sinister Fluid" Miller, Martin "Entity" Labelle, and Chris "Locke" Stolowski.

I would also like to thank the gods for providing me with my tolerant and understanding wife Rebecca who didn't become jealous of a computer, and for my dogs Dakota and Madison for making sure that I got outside on occasion.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Xeno CTF is subject to a copyright held by the members of Clan Xenocide. The program may be freely distributed on the internet, but may not be sold, used by an online service, or distributed by other means without the prior express written consent of Clan Xenocide.


This modification is available at the following places:

The Xenocide Flag Academy

All-Star CTF

News about Xeno CTF, as well as all other CTF news, can be found at:

Dakota's Frontline News


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