No mod is a one-person effort. There are many people who deserve my thanks for making this project possible.

Id Software is at the top of any mod maker's thank-you list. Thanks for making such a great game (and engine) and for the community support that makes mod development possible.

Art of War was based on the "RtsQuake" mod. This mod would not have been possible without the RtsQuake team's code base, models, or web site:

- Don "Skritch" Gray (
- "Zen Ares" (
- "Super-K" (

The defunct ISPGN ( generously provided a beta server space and file repository during part of file development. Rest in Peace.
- "Warhammer" (

The amazingly gorgeous manual and web page design was created by sYn pHrEAk. He also made the official logo.
- Mark "sYn pHrEAk" Achee (

The excellent looking Mystic Tower and Brimstone Pit models, along with many more were done by Gangsta, and we're very privledged to have him as a modeler.
- Matt "Gangsta" Wright

The music pack was composed by Moises "BLuLight" Sanchez
- BLuLight

There have been so many beta testers that I hope I don't forget all of you, but thanks for your support. These beta testers went above and beyond by looking into game balance problems, not just game bugs.

Everyone listed above
Dark Yoda

My wife and one of my best friends Ryan have heard me talk about this mod quite enough by now, I think. Their outsider viewpoint into possible game balance issues has been extremely useful.
- Rebecca Vessenes (my wife)
- Ryan Ingram

The Gothic font was created by Evil Lair:
- Evil Lair (

Some of the sound effects were originally in Warcraft and Mortal Kombat. I am under the impression that use of these sounds is covered under fair use. If this is not the case, you object, and you own the rights to these sounds, please let me know as soon as possible and I will find suitable replacements.

-Ted "Targhan" Vessenes


I'd like to thank Targhan for keeping the mod going once Skritch was unable to continue. I haven't been with this mod for long but from what I first saw, to what I see now, there are some great improvements. We owe these to Skritch and Targhan who have both done wonderful jobs coding.

-Mark "sYn pHrEAk" Achee

To add onto this, me and the rest of the beta testers want to thank Targhan for not only listening to suggestions we gave to him, but actually taking criticism very well. If not for him constantly bringing out his almost daily updates, beta's, and new versions, and being available to talk to the testers almost each and every day, this mod would have died long ago. Thanks a lot Targhan, and keep up the great work.

-Thomas "TolTas" Nastasia