Which Faction would I enjoy the Most?

Take this quiz to determine which faction best fits your play style:

1. When playing a teamgame:

A. I defend against attackers
B. I AM the attacker!
C. Why do we discriminate by the color of our team? If it moves, I will kill it.

2. How often do you pick up health?

A. I'm a hypochondriac, so I grab health whenever it's below 100.
B. If I'm hurt and I see some
C. Health is for the WEAK!

3. The best way to get frags is...

A. Find someone who hasn't noticed you and take them by surprise
B. Grab a friend, then double-team everyone you meet
C. One word: Kamikazi!

4. Of the game types listed, your favorite is:

A. Quake 3 Fortress: I'm a camper extrordinaire!
B. Capture the Flag: No flag is safe when I'm in the house!
C. Rocket Arena: Items confuse me, guns understand me

5. Which is better, a Railgun or a Rocket Launcher?

A. Railgun. How can 100 points of unblockable damage be bad?
B. Rocket Launcher. Splash damage is my friend!
C. Good, Bad... I'm the guy with the gun.

6. You are playing a CTF game and your team is getting hammered. Which is your first instict for damage control?

A. They can't capture our flag if they can't take it.
B. They can capture the flag when they pry it from my dead fingers.
C. Players in body bags do not capture flags.

7. Camping powerups is...

A. A way of life! Quad damage is worth more than gold!
B. Not needed when your whole team rushes the powerup spawn spot.
C. For llamas who have longer attention spans than me.

8. If I had to play either Deux Ex or Unreal Tournament, I'd play:

A. Deux Ex
B. Unreal Tournament
C. I can't believe you even mentioned those games in a Quake 3 poll-- Those games pale before the awesome ownage of Quake 3!

9. One of your teammates intentionally kills you. How do you get revenge?

A. They have become the enemy-- if I see them, they will die.
B. Bleat like a llama, then call a vote to kick them.
C. "Guy who fragged me: Dead! Guy who saved armor for him: dead! Guy standing next to him: Dead! Guy who looked at my funny: dead! You there in the corner: You're dead too!"

10. When I answer poll questions, I:

A. Think carefully about the answer and then make my decision
B. Go with my first instict
C. Choose the funniest answer, even if it's just "Hellchick"

Add up the number of A's, B's, and C's. A high number of A's means you prefer the defensive tactics of the Imperial Guard. Lots of B's suggest you like the team oriented tactics of the Hand of Dark. Those who scored high in the C's might enjoy the intense offense of the Blood Clan.