April 30, 2000:
Assassins for UT released!!!
November 2, 1998:
Named mod of the week at Quakeworld
August 22, 1998:
Our mod has been reviewed at Zenbeer's realm of drunken behavior
August 21, 1998: another disgruntled mail from someone thinking that they came up with Assassins first. The basic idea behind Assassins is old, have no idea exactly how old, but it is old, predates Quake2/Quake/Doom/etc by a long margin. For evidence see the films 'TAG: The Assassination Game' (1982), 'Master Blaster' (1985), and 'GOTCHA' (1985). Clearly we didn't invent the idea for Assassins, and nor did we claim too. We just thought it would be a good MOD.
-Forge 'getting a little tired of people claiming we stole their idea'

July 15, 1998:
Updated our server to v3.17.

July 12, 1998:
Further development on Assassins has slowed considerably (in case you haven't noticed). Right now our current plan is to do maintenance releases until the release of Half-Life and Sin. We then plan to do a full release with all the bells and whistles for one or both of those games (depending on ease of development and conversion between the two).

June 14, 1998:
Updated our server to v3.15.

May 18, 1998:
Just got back from a business trip in Canada. Should be able to get back to working on Assassins now.

May 5, 1998:
Forgot to mention 1.1 includes server customization where scoring, loonies, etc are selectable variables for the Server Operators.

May 3, 1998:
Version 1.1 is now available with VWEP support, a more refined targeting system, and some bug fixes.

April 30, 1998:
VWEP support almost finished, plus next release will have a more refined targeting system where you don't have to be exactly on target to identify.

April 29, 1998:
Many more servers running assassins. Check them out!

April 28, 1998:
Another server running assassins at (Oswald, Hinkley and Sirhan Sirhan Heaven)

April 27, 1998:
A few screenshots have been posted on the Screenshots page of one of our upcoming levels. This represents a work in progress but should give you an idea what you're in for.
For those of you without gamespy (go get it) there are 2 new servers running assassins one at (Deckard's Assassin mod server) and the other at's_NestASSASSIN)

April 26, 1998:
Version 1.0 of Assassins is released with updated server files for Linux and Win32. This fixes many bugs including the scoring problem of postmortem kills. We are running this at (no longer have port 6666 running).

April 24, 1998:
Version 0.92 of Assassins, with the "looney patch", is released. This is needed for both clients and server. The looney patch penalizes crazed killers who shoot too many wrong targets.
If you would like to try this version, we set up a "Looney patch" server at port 6666
Version 0.90 of Assassins is released with updated server files out for Linux and Win32.

April 22, 1998:
The SkurvyLads welcomes diGitaL of CLAN-MILLENNIUM to the team. diGitaL will be heading up level design.
Working on stronger penalties for killing the wrong target. Need to greater discourage random killing (some people just don't play nice)
Working on squashing the level switch bug. Sometimes upon level switches, all people come in as bystanders. Should have a patch out soon, in the interm Server Operators, if you see this occur just force a map switch, that should fix it.
GameSpy tab available for download.
Investigating what we'll need to do to support VWEP.
Getting some solid feedback from players on how to enhance things (thanks), hope to be able to implement some of these soon.

April 21, 1998:
Discovered numerous bugs. Hope to have update out soon.
The Current project plan is to 1:fine tune 'hunt routine' and targeting 2: work on 'surveilance and countermeasures 3: look at possibility of multiple playertypes.
NEW server files out for Linux and Win32. They are MUCH more stable.

April 20, 1998:
Webpage moved to Planet Quake. New url is

April 19, 1998:
Quake server up at
Server files updated.

April 17, 1998:
Webpage put up and proof of concept demo released.