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BombQ3 - Simple manual V.0.5
  1. Intro
  2. Supported Gamemodes
  3. Interface
  4. Power-ups
  5. Overall
  1.Intro :  
  As you can see the idea of the mod is the gameplay like the great Bomberman game, but with different engine and additions (more will come in the next version after first beta) . The gameplay is simple and intuitive like an ARCADE game but it is more "aggressive" and "funny". You have your bombs and you need to kill your enemies.  
  2.Supported Gamemodes :  

Actually there just 4 default gamemodes for the mod:

  1. DeathMatch
  2. Tourney
  3. Team Battle
  4. CTF

We are developing more additional gamemodes for the next version (such as Last Man Standing and more..).

  3.Interface :  
  This is an ingame shot, we have placed a small and simple interface which displays the status of your powerups.  
  As you can see there are 5 icons there :  
  Bomb Icon: Indicates how many bombs you can place consecutively. (Max : 5)  

Fire Icon : Indicates the power of your explosions. It increases the range of the spherical explosions (Max : 5)  
Speed Icon : Indicates the status of your speed power. Everytime you take one it adds more speed (Max : 5)  

Health Icon : Indicates your health status.  

Power Icon : Indicates your power bar. If you hold the fire button power is added and your bomb throwing range is increased.  
  4.Power-ups :  

In this release there are just 3 power-ups :

  • Bomb : Increases bombs
  • Fire : Increases explosion range
  • Speed : Increases player speed

We are planning to include new powerups, abilities and types of bombs in future releases.


5.Overall :

  What you need to know is that the gameplay is fast and really funny. The main objective is to kill your enemies using bombs. You need to take powerups to enhance your abilities. To do this you need to break the crates placed in all the levels, and if you are lucky one of the 3 powerups will appear when a crate explodes. Crates will respawn after about 40 seconds, allowing you to break it again to get more powerups. Bombs explode after 1.25 sec and they will damage yourself if you stand too close. That's basically all you need to know. I dont think you need a boring manual, I have just written the essential things here. You will learn more cool tricks after you played the mod :)  
See ya around! - LordSquart




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