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Server-side bots run as part of the server, and therefore have no true lag. Server-side bots can cache information to the server or to a client, it must use server's RAM, and can play other (human/bot) clients and bots made for that server. The server-side can manipulate any clients data, at the author's discression. Server-side bots are generally easier to code and test, but it's hard to emulate a real client on some platforms (Quake). One must also make false lag for the bots and try to emulate a client as well as possible to give the other clients a fair game.


  Quake2 bot listing  
Author: Mike Malakhov
Version: 1.14 Final
Routing File Format: None
Type: DM, CTF
Web site:

CRbot has both deathmatch and CTF support and dynamic pathing.

Author: Ryan "Ridah" Feltrin
Version: 1.01 Final
Routing File Format: RTX
Type: DM, CTF
Web site:

Eraser is one of the most favored bots. It uses dynamic pathing and supports many types of gameplay.

Author: John Crickett
Version: ?
Routing File Format: ?
Type: DM
Web site:

Oak has dynamic pathing and roaming. Like most of these Quake2 bots, I haven't had time to test them... so who knows what the latest version has?

SABIN base
Authors: Alan 'Strider' Kivlin,  Terry 'Mongoose' Hendrix,  William van der Sterren
Version: NA
Routing File Format: SRP
Type: DM, CTF, Navy Seals
Web site:

In the future this will more have info on bots made with the SABIN base, and the SSL add-on to the normal SABIN base bot. Anyone can customize a bot for themselves via my SABIN Scripting Language, or William's mission language. Note all the bots on this page use code from one or more of the SABIN authors above. =)


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