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What is SABIN? (Mongoose)

Founded to give bot authors a place to coperate and share code under the SABIN Agreement. Now I'm taking SABIN farther, from now on all releases are under the GPL or LGPL. SABIN will now be a repoistory for code for all developers, not just members.

I know the focus on the developer confused a lot of you users the first time. This project isn't about the end user. This project is about getting help with your bot, or helping to work on one of the projects here. Don't ask for keys to private code/messages that are encrpyted here. I don't ask to read your email or letters. =)

SABIN Agreement code will remain under that license.


 SABIN releases  
GPL (Mongoose)

DarkBot II Registery HOWTO

This HOWTO shows you how to add DarkBot II Prototype dynamic enemy, item, bot data registries to your own Quake2 bot. Comes with source code and example usage source code. This code gives you a better model to represent your bot's knowelge of the world.


SABIN(A) (Mongoose)

SABIN Agreement code will remain under SABIN(A) license.


  SABIN Members  
GPL Members (Mongoose)

Terry 'Mongoose' Hendrix II

SABIN Bot Base Members ( closed ) (Mongoose)

 Alan 'Strider'  Kivlin 
 Terry 'Mongoose' Hendrix II 
 William van der Sterren 
 Charles R Mabbott 
 Keith Sponburgh 
 Jason B. Anderson 
 John Crickett 
 Rich Whitehouse 
 Tony Bowes 
 Aaron 'Ripper' Drew 
 Brian Savka 
 Dominic 'Cube' Rutter 
 Joe Hartford 
 Jonathan 'Perged' Down 
 Lachlan Robert Webb 
 Wesley T Morrison 


  Sampling of bots with SABIN code  
A bot based on some of the final SABIN code done my me and William. Willaim continues to improve the bot still. Check it out, the most intelligent Q2 I know of...

Uses client emualtion and client movement made by our own Alan Kivlin here at SABIN.

RA Bot:
Uses Alan's client emualtion too.

Frost Bot:
Uses the entire SABIN 3.14 CTF base.

Drone Bot:
I forget what all this uses.


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