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    Compiling the source code

    So you've downloaded the source code and want to get stuck in. Something stopping you? If it's your compiler then read on...

    If you're lucky then someone has already solved your problem for your compiler. If they've sent us here at Code3Arena then its on this page somewhere.

    If you you do have a problem with something that appears here, ensure you've done your best first. That means reading all the documentation provided - basically making sure you're not doing something stupid. Compilers are not "novice" software.

    Your compiler might not be here, so try looking at the two part article (part#1, part#2) by HypoThermia. It covers the things you need to know to get the code compiling.

    Known problems


    Compiler specific material


    Other misc. useful stuff


    What you're aiming to do

    Quake 3 uses a Virtual Machine (QVM) to run most of the game code. This portable ANSI C source code is compiled into bytecode by an executable LCC.EXE supplied with the source. This QVM is as platform independent as it gets - and the best way to distribute mods. At the very least you'll need to get this working with your compilers header files.

    If you're using the Win32 platform to develop you can also build binaries in the form of DLLs. These won't run on the LINUX or Mac versions of Quake3 (so they're not recommended for distribution), but can let you use your compiler to debug code.


    Batch files for 1.29/1.30 that work with MSVC

    e.n.g.e.l has sent in the updated compiling batch files for release 1.29/1.30 of the Q3 source code. The batch files also work for Team Arena. He's also included fixes for a few of the compiler errors that have crept into this source code release... mostly missing const qualifiers. Oh, and the missing bin/lcc tools are also supplied.

    You can grab the files from FilePlanet as (287k).


    Batchfiles for 1.27 that work with MSVC

    Thanks to the efforts of Simon Hopwood we've now got batch files that do actually compile the Q3 source. These are intended for use with MSVC, the "standard" compiler used for building Q3 binaries. They replace the existing ones provided by Id.

    Projects and batch files for the Borland tools can be found at the section near the bottom of the page.

    Download the version you need for the source you're working on: for 1.27g source code, compiles either TA or standard Q3 versions of the QVM. Also include the missing tools in source/lcc/bin (278K).


    Can't find cpp.exe or compiler tools when compiling the VM

    The 1.27 release of the source code didn't have the compiler tools needed to actually compile the code! The easiest way to get your hands on them is to get an old copy of the 1.17 source code and follow these steps:

    1. Install the old source code into a dummy directory. This avoids any problems with your existing 1.27 installation.
    2. Find the subdirectory "source/lcc/bin"
    3. Copy over the contents (keeping the dir structure) to your 1.27 directory.

    The code should now find the executables that it needs to compile the VM.

    Compiling VM gives error "#line 1 <stdin>"

    This is a pretty obscure error that turns up when you compile the VM. The batch files stop compiling on the first file and sit there waiting for keyboard input, with this error message:

    #line 1 <stdin>

    Here's what Neils has to say about the problem and how to fix it:

    The problem comes when you install the MS Platform SDK or something similar (anything that sets up the LIBRARY and INCLUDE envronment vars). So the solution is very simple: Add these two lines to the top of Game.Bat and the other batch-files used to compile the QVM files:

    set LIBRARY=
    set INCLUDE=

    So there ya go... thanks to Neils (G4S) for sending in that info!

    Compiling 1.27 code

    I've put together an article about as many of the known problems with 1.27 source as I've been able to find. It includes tips on how to get the code compiling with MSVC, as well as some of the coding errors that you might find.


    Compiling the QVM's for 1.16 and 1.17 fails

    A few people have reported this, and Kukaracha has brought the solution to our attention (Thanks!). Each of the batch files used to compile the respective QVMs (ui.bat, game.bat, and cgame.bat) were changed between 1.15 and 1.16. This change "broke" the compilation process.

    This is what Kukaracha has to say, taken from his original article on Quake3World:

    I had the first release of the game source and I could modify and compile it fine. Then I downloaded the 1.17 source and I couldn't compile.

    I looked in the cgame, game and ui batch files and saw this line:
    set cc=lcc -DQ3_VM -S -Wf-target=bytecode -Wf-g -I..\..\cgame -I..\..\game -I..\..\ui %1

    In a dos prompt in win98 I get a syntax error. This is because of the "=" in -Wf-target=bytecode

    So I changed the line to this:
    @set cc=call ..\compile.bat %1

    and created a compile.bat almost like in the old source (All on one line in the batch file):
    lcc -DQ3_VM -S -Wf-target=bytecode -Wf-g -I..\..\cgame -I..\..\game -I..\..\ui %1

    and copied it to the cgame, game and ui directories. The vms then dutifully compiled.

    You'll have to change the set cc= in each of ui.bat, cgame.bat and game.bat to get the source code to compile.


    'Out of environment space' error

    This error sometimes creeps in when you run the batch files from within Windows, usually when you try and run vars.bat.

    The fix is straight forward, you'll need to start with an explorer window open in the directory with the offending batch file (the one you are running).

    1. Create a link to the batch file. Do this by right-clicking on the batch file and select Create shortcut. The new shortcut should match the name of the batch file and have an MSDOS icon.
    2. Rename the shortcut and remove the .bat extension.
    3. Right-click on this shortcut and select properties.
    4. Choose the memory tab and increase the Initial environment value from the default Auto to something like 3000 or 4000.
    5. If you want to see the contents of the DOS window after the batch file has run, select the Program tab and make sure the Close on exit checkbox is clear.
    6. If you want the batch file to run in a window instead of fullscreen, select the Screen tab and make sure the Window radio-button is set.
    7. Save your changes by pressing OK.

    You should now find the batch file will run without error messages, whether you run the new shortcut or the original batch file.

    For those who are curious about whats going on, here's a more detailed explanation:

    The shortcut to an old DOS executable or batch file sets up the environment in which the program runs. This shortcut is equivalent to the PIF file in the old Win3.1 way of doing things. Every time you run the old DOS program, Windows searches for an environment (in the form of the program name without any extension), and uses this automatically.


    Microsoft Visual C++

    When Id wrote Q3 they were using Microsoft Visual C++ for Windows to develop and test the Win32 code. If you've got this compiler then you shouldn't have problems getting going. Tutorial#2 by SumFuka should help.


    Borland C++ v5.0

    This compiler causes only minor problems when using its header files on the bytecode. More seriously, there is an error generated by the math library that appears to pauses the game making it appear to hang. It can be fixed by adding a math error handler (this problem was fixed in the binary release v1.16).

    You can get the files and a project IDE from the downloads page. There are full installation and setup instructions in the package, as well as a makefile for the command line tools.

    Borland C++ v4.5 doesn't handle long filenames properly, so no project file is available.


    Update: a project and batch files are now available for the 1.27 source code. You can get either standard Q3 or Team Arena builds, so go grab it now from the download page.


    Borland C++ v5.5 command line tools

    Borland/Inprise recently released their industrial strength compiler commmand line tools free of charge - a boon to C/C++ developers. The downloads page includes a makefile that works with these tools, and allows you to compile binary DLLs from the command line.

    Christopher Przybycien sent in the following on how to get LCC working with the header files from that distribution.

    You'll need to set up the download for Borland C++ 5.0 (above) as it's a modification for that.



    1. copy [bcc 5.5 dir]\Include\ctype.h to the quake3\source\borland directory.
    2. open the copy you just made up and at line 161, change the line: #if defined( __USELOCALES__ ) to: #if defined( __USELOCALES__ ) && ! defined (__BORLANDC__)
    3. save.
    4. next, open up compile.bat and put a "-I.." somewhere before "-Ie:\bc5\include".
    5. save.

    misc notes:

    Apparently lcc doesn't understand the weird inline function thing or perhaps the pragma directives (dear god why does this thing exist still?) around borland's function prototypes for tolower and toupper and some others. So what this little hack does is disable borland's toupper/tolower/et al and use id's own. We stick the "-I.." in compile.bat so that lcc looks in the current directory for our modified ctype.h before the borland \include directory. The reason we make a copy of ctype.h and modify that is because if you modified the original ctype.h in this manner, it would seriously screw up bcc5.5.

    one more thing, lcc bitches like crazy about .h files without a newline at the end. You can ignore these cause it still compiles. and one last thing, that hack gets it working for making vm bytecode, i haven't tried building the dlls heh.


    Compiling with MetroWerks CodeWarrior

    For those of you that want an integrated development environment, but can't afford Microsoft VC++ or Borland C++, then there's an alternative in the form of MetroWerks CodeWarrior.

    Tony Kostanjsek has written an article about setting up CodeWarrior. It includes a CodeWarrior project, and some plugins (with source) you can download to help you get started.

    He's put a lot of hard work into this, so drop him a line of thanks if you find it useful.


    A simple setup for compiling QVMs

    More from Tony Kostanjsek, this time on compiling QVMs using the lcc compiler provided with the Q3 source distribution. You'll need to grab the file from the link below:


    This is for people who don't have any of the IDEs mentioned in other articles, are still experiencing problems with their compilers source files, or want to work in a minimalistic environment.

    Lcc is a free implementation of a C-Compiler whose sources you can easily find on the net. There's also a book about it, explaining the implementation in detail. The guys at Id have modified lcc to suit their needs and wrote q3asm, a linker for the bytecode files.

    The sources as provided by Id need some additional headers. In the ReadMe it says you should setup your paths to point to the VC++ includes. This is not the only way to enable QVM compilation!

    Rather than trying to feed our favourite compilers headers into lcc and watch it choke, we can simply use the headers that come with lcc to compile the QVMs. Download these lcc-headers (8kb) and unzip them into quake3/source/lcc/bin/include. Lcc will automatically find them. Now set up PATH to point to quake3/bin_nt and in all the compile.bat scripts change the lcc call to include -D_stdcall= . This will define _stdcall to nothing so it doesn't come in our way. Run the appropriate compile scripts (cgame.bat etc.) and you're done!

    Most of this info was posted on the community pages by some nice people, along with links to lcc distributions. I just put it together here. The headers were slightly modified to work with the Q3 sources. Thanks to my leaky brain I can neither remember the names of the people who posted this first, nor the distribution I took the headers from or what I changed to make them work. Could be worse.

    Have fun!


    Compiling with Linux tools

    With Id's game available to play on the Linux platform, it only makes sense that you should be able to compile it there as well! Timbo has corrected that gap at C3A by putting together the things that you need to do the job.

    You can grab them from his web site and start working on your Q3 project in your favourite OS.


    A simple batch file for compiling all QVMs

    A simple but useful batch file from Slagman, it allows you to compile all three QVMs in one go. Put it in the working directory for your project, i.e. the one that contains the ui, cgame, and game directories. Call it something relevant like compile_all.bat.

    It will work with the default configuration, but needs a little modification if you're using Borland tools above.


    cd cgame
    CALL cgame.bat
    cd game
    CALL game.bat
    cd ui
    CALL ui.bat


    Compiling under NTFS?

    For those of you trying to compile the source code on an NT box using an NTFS drive. Demon Cat has this experience to pass on:

    I recently moved my mod source to a new computer. Copied the quake3
    directory verbatim from one NT machine w/ Service Pack 6 to another. But
    the mod that worked just fine on the old system wouldn't compile on the
    new one, giving file not found errors for files I knew were there. 
    After trying everything I could think of toensure that it *should* be
    able to compile, I finally figured out the issue: NTFS. It worked just
    fine once I moved it to a FAT partition on the same computer.