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    < Index >
    1. Mod making 101
    2. Up 'n running
    3. Hello, QWorld!
    4. Infinite Haste
    5. Armor Piercing Rails
    6. Bouncing Rockets
    7. Cloaking
    8. Ladders
    9. Favourite Server
    10. Flame Thrower
    11. Vortex Grenades
    12. Grapple
    13. Lightning Discharge
    14. Locational Damage
    15. Leg Shots
    16. Weapon Switching
    17. Scoreboard frag-rate
    18. Vortex Grenades II
    19. Vulnerable Missiles
    20. Creating Classes
    21. Scrolling Credits
    22. Weapon Dropping
    23. Anti-Gravity Boots
    24. HUD scoreboard
    25. Flashlight and laser
    26. Weapon Positioning
    27. Weapon Reloading
    28. Progressive Zooming
    29. Rotating Doors
    30. Beheading (headshot!)
    31. Alt Weapon Fire
    32. Popup Menus I
    33. Popup Menus II
    34. Cluster Grenades
    35. Homing Rockets
    36. Spreadfire Powerup
    37. Instagib gameplay
    38. Accelerating rockets
    39. Server only Instagib
    40. Advanced Grapple Hook
    41. Unlagging your mod

    < Index >
    1. Entities
    2. Vectors
    3. Good Coding
    4. Compilers I
    5. Compilers II
    6. UI Menu Primer I
    7. UI Menu Primer II
    8. UI Menu Primer III
    9. QVM Communication, Cvars, commands
    10. Metrowerks CodeWarrior
    11. 1.27g code, bugs, batch


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    Stuck ? That fooking compiler won't behave ? Just can't quite get those vectors right ???

    1. Relax

    Take a deep breath...

    2. Check the Tutorials

    Make sure you've looked through all the tutorials first - the answer may be there. (Especially if your problem is compiler related... be sure not to miss any crucial steps by doing the tutorials too quickly

    3. Post on the Forums

    Several thousand people per day browse the planetquake forums. Try posting your problem there first. (It's not that we don't want to help, but that you've got a better chance of quickly finding someone who has experienced exactly the same problem).

    4. Contact the Staff

    Ok, please only contact us once you've tried all of the above. We do want to help you but please understand it _is_ hard for us to reply to 30+ emails per day.

    Also, all of us are wrapped up in our own mod projects right now... even if you have a great idea unfortunately we won't be able to take on any more projects. Why not recruit your own team on the forums ?

    Corporate enquiries are welcome - if not able to help you directly then we will probably be able to point you in the direction of some very talented fps coders (remember that quake3 coding must comply with id's license agreement).