Version 4.2 of CyberQuake can be found here. The bots now actually buy items a lot more sensibly, resulting in a considerably tougher game.

A lot of my files seem to have been deleted from Fileplanet - they'll be hosted on my own personal website soon - keep an eye on if you're interested.


Well, I return bearing gifts - CyberQuake v4, to be precise. An entire mod in about 110k. Oldschool DM action with a twist: when you die, you spend your frags on enhancing yourself. Features:

  • Nine gun types including three new types over the original CyberQuake:
    • Bio-Larvae: Homing bees
    • Elec-Plasma: scary slow moving electricity balls
    • Elec-Gauss: a railgun
  • More guns with variable warheads:
    • Bio-Toxin and Bio-Acid amalgamated into Bio-Spores
    • New selection for Mech-Projectile
  • Completely overhauled Biological, Mechanical and Electrical menus with heaps of new stuff:
    • Bio: New Fiend power replaces Mech-Jump pack
    • Mech: Variable power Death Charge and a new item - the auto tracking minigun
    • Elec: Short-range tesla coil power and a new cloaking device
  • Mousewheel and button-based menu control (though number keys are still supported)
  • Frag stealing - kill the players with the most frags, and steal some for yourself.



Today I started work on CyberQuake v4. Expect it to arrive soon.

Also, progress on MechInf has been fairly steady.

If you're trying to get hold of me atm, please be patient - I've just moved house and have no steady net access yet. Though once it's sorted out, we'll have 2meg DSL...

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