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Big Red aka (TWO)HeadTrauma and [ASK]Shagadelic
Thanks for the idea for the maplist changes and also the grazing rail shots that set players on fire. You two were the inspiration behind the "Ultra Railgun".

Thanks for the great discussions, dialogue and playtesting on how to better balance the game while also making it fun.

(ASK)Rhyno, (ASK)Hellzpyro, (ASK)Trippy, (ASK)FiveZero
Thanks for putting up w/ all of the late night requests to come into a server and try out a change that didn't pan out lol. Also thanks to Rhyno for putting together the new maplists for the clan servers.

Hash Assassin
The author of WoD versions 6.01 through 6.08. Despite the forum flamewars you you finally came through and allowed us to use v6.08 of WOD as a starting point. Also thanks for all the hard work and effort you expended while you were the author of WoD. There will probably never be a server like YYZ-2a again.

Ace [MAP]
Thanks for putting up one helluva kickass website for Competition Weapons. When it comes to railguns and webstuff you rawk!!
Check out: The MAP Clan Site

ZOT would like to thank Mike[OBD] and [ASK]Dimmona for putting up with his maniacal ideas and strong headed approach to getting this mod out in record time.

Thanks to everyone else who has helped out in getting this mod off the ground.


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