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  Program of the Week #2
Misc Tool: AddMapQ3 Version 1.8 Test 1
Autor: Rafal Wisla

    Usermaps canīt be fully integrated in Quake III without problems. With the command "map whatever" you can start them over the console, but they wonīt appear with a levelshot in the Singleplayer/Multiplayer menus.
    The mod "UIarena" by YoGrE includes all maps in the menus without problems. But it canīt offer this functionality for other mods. So you need a tool wich is able to change the settings in the .pak-files themselves.

    The program AddMapQ3 offers this ability. After running it the maps will appear with a screenshot in the Quake III menus.
Structure & functions:
    The structure of the program fits the well-known windows look. Caused of the "fat" symbols itīs also comfortable for those who are partially sighted ;-)

    In the upper left you can see the Q3A-mod-directory, after that in the bottom window the .pak-files are listed. A click on one of the .pakīs immediately shows the levelshot and the settings for this level (bots for singleplayer and the fraglimit). Even the levelīs name is shown and can be changed.
    On the right you can change the proper game-modes and bots for each level. A click on the icon with the diskette saves the changes directly to the .pak-file; these settings can also be changed later.
    With the Q3A-Logo (upper left) you can directly start the map without any detour. Thereīs also the possibility to view the games.log-file, where you can see wich maps youīve played... but I think thatīs "unnecessary in this program".

    AddMapQ3 uses Q3A-soundfiles for its sound-effects; it extracts these files at the first start from the pak0.pk3. The program is mainly written in Polish, but thereīs also an option wich translates the most to English.
  • very easy to use
  • works reliable
  • sound-effects can be deactivated
  • levelshots can be opened with an external viewer
  • unnecessary games.log-function
  • windows partially only available in Polish
    In spite of the word "test" in the title and some minor faults itīs a nice program. It fits my expectations and does what it should... not more and not less.

    [ download AddMapQ3 (545 KB) ]

    Copyright © 2000 by Rafal Wisla. All rights reserved.

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