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Quake2Runner - Version 1.90
2. Part of CrazyLaunch

There are many Modifications (Mods) for Quake2. Most of them have to be started with a shortcut like this: "C:\quake2\quake2.exe +set game ctf" (example for Capture the Flag). We all know, that it is very uncomfortable, hard and complex if you want to make more shortcuts to other Mods, two. The Quake2Runner will be the most easiest way to make this shortcuts. You don't have to do anything! It's also able to identify the name of the Mods and its settings like Client- and Serversettings. You can also add in other programs, for example PakScape.

Here are some of the its best features:

  • Launch a dedicated or listen server
  • Configure many in-game settings
  • Demo Player with Playlist
  • Setup automatic rotation of maps
  • Add custom maps to rotation
  • Extract Realnames from map files
  • Deathmatch Flags settings
  • Quake2 Tweaker, now people with older and slower PCs are able to have fun with Quake2
  • AddIn manager for other programs

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  Version History
Version 1.90:
  • Interface a bit bigger with a few changes
  • Add / Remove mod - buttons removed
  • Rename Mod button added
Version 1.80:
  • no changes
Version 1.70:
  • Display Netgraph on / off
  • Display Visual Weapons on / off
  • Display Messages on / off
  • Developer Mode on / off
  • Always Run on / off
  • Invert Mouse on / off
  • Client Start option "with Single Player Menu"
  • Demo Player with Playlist
  • Recognizes all available demos
  • Loop Playlist on / off for Demo Player
  • Timedemo on / off for Demo Player
  • Move Maps up & down
Version 1.60:
  • PicturePack integrated
Version 1.51a:
  • Open mod directory from launcher and Mod Browser added
  • Modlist.txt contains mod informations (Dirname, Realname, Homepage)
Version 1.50:
  • Select new games with the "Mod Browser" (Screenshots)
  • Import Settings available
  • Import / export now without Winzip
  • Quake2-Start in "Start Client" and "Start Server" separated
  • Server can be started as dedicated- or listen Server
  • "Clear All" Button added (removes all selected maps)
  • New AddIn Manager
  • Auto-Save function rewritten
Version 1.40:
  • Add in other Programs (e.g. PakScape) with "Addin Manager"
  • Addin Manager can manage up to 9 different programs
  • "Delete Settings" added
Version 1.30:
  • Program translated to VB
  • Better SinglePlayer-Game support
  • Identify modification realnames from directory (e.g. ctf=Capture the Flag)
  • List all maps in pakfiles
  • Read realname of level from *.bsp file
  • Create mapcycle (sv_maplist "blabla") and maps.lst
  • Tweaker in Quake2Runner.exe compiled
  • All "Apply buttons" removed
  • Player Settings saved as Defaults and availible for next Modification
  • "Import Settings" removed, conflict with WinZip 8.0
  • Quake2 link section removed
  • Helpfile replaced with Tooltips
Version 1.1.2:
  • Special Edition canceled (picture pack availible for download)
  • Quake3Runner backup system added
  • Quake3Runner data handling added
Version 1.1.0:
  • Added Links to Quake2 Mods, Bots, Newspages
  • Import and export now via file dialogs
  • Create Game Shortcuts (Desktop or Start menu)
  • Custom Commandline (for additional Startup Commands)
  • Quake2 Console Commands from JakFrost ( as *.html file
  • Added select your startmap
  • New Quake2 Tweaker added
  • Now, the active mod is saved and active when the program is started again
  • Subdir bug fixed (Quake now doesn't need to be in the root directory, e.g. c:\games\quake2is now possible)
  • Config bug fixed (no more crashes after a fresh installation when switching to the config editor)
  • Auto download bug fixed
  • Remaining German strings removed
  • Added Boumchalak to the about box (what, bug or feature?! ;o)
  • Several minor changes

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