Impulses 24 (Drop Rune)

With the exception of a vampire that has tasted blood, players can drop runes at any time by using impulse 24. I recommended you bind it to a key, for example 'bind D "impulse 24"' makes the 'D' key drop a rune. For players that play on other mods with rune drop impluses, impulse 26, 41, and 181 have also been bound to drop rune.

Impulses 23 (Flag Status)

This CTF function will also tell you if a flag holder has the shadow rune. For example 'A Shadowy CarbonMan has your flag', means that not only does CarbonMan have your flag, but he's probably hiding with it completely invisible. The best way to find a shadow is to use the aiming rune, it will target even a player completely cloaked by shadow. The next best rune to use is banshee. Since the banshee's special attack is an area of effect attack, you need only be close to cause the damage that will reveal or possiblily kill the flag carrier. If you can't find aiming or banshee, try just randomly firing rockets at walls and ceilings.

Impluse 100 (Level Voting)

You can vote to skip the current level and advance to the next one by using impulse 100. Note that it requires a majority of players to skip a level.

Impulses 141 (Indentify Player)

This CTF function now also tells you what rune the person you are looking at is holding.

Impulses 180 (Rune Description)

Displays a breif description of the rune you are holding

Blue Grenades

To better tell if its safe to run past that grenade in front of you, grenades have been color coded. Standard red grenades for the red team, and special blue banded ones for the blue team.

Ally Quad / Ally Pent

Ally has the power to give copies of many items picked up to near by teammates. This includes Quads and Pents. Because this an important fact to know when it happens, special messages appear for both teams. For example if you recieve a Quad by way of your friendly neighborhood Ally, you will see a 'Ally Quad' message breifly appear in the center of your screen. If on the another hand the ally is on the other team and has just giving out some ally quads, you will see the message 'Danger Enemy Ally Quad'. But this message is only for 1 or two 2 ally quads. If 3 enemies get ally quads, you will see the message 'Danger Will Robinson Danger'. For those of you too young to catch the reference. It's from the old Lost in Space TV series. The robot always said that right before something bad started to happen. Basically if you see this message and ignore it, expect to be eating a couple quad rockets.

Blood Feast

As the Ally can be an incredible force that supplies its team with quads and other goodies. Ally can also become a major detriment for its own team. That is because normally if an Ally receives damage that would kill it, it's life is saved if there is a near by teammate. This is true, with one exception, the Vampire. When the Vampire does killing damage to an Ally, the Ally does live if there are near by teammates, but the Vampire draws life from those teammates. This attack, especially if the vampire can grapple the ally, can wipe out an entire base. If you have vampire, you can tell when you've drawn life from Ally's teammates by the message 'Your Feast Begins'.

Time Out Disconnect

If you remain dead for more than 5 minutes, you will be disconnected from the server to make room for a player that will hopefully be more active in supporting their team. It is mainly ment to bump players that aren't playing any more and have forgot to disconnect.


If you see a shambler running around, don't worry its just the sysop having fun. Well maybe you should worry, its not your run of the mill monster. This one has 250 max health and permanant 400 armor, not to mention a pretty solid regen rate. Expect to need some support in killing this beast. But if you can manage it, the dieing monster will spawn 3 quads and 2 pents. Not these are special powerups that can't be hogged. You can only have one at a time. So you have to wait till your current quad wears out before getting a monster quad. Only the sysop can become a monster, it is not accessible by regular players. Note to sysops, please use the monster mode sparingly. It can be great fun for everyone envolved, but it can also get old fast. General rule is that once a monster is killed, go back to regular play. Remember to leave them wanting more.

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