February 20 2000, Quake3 Port
I have started work on the Q3a port, although I'm currently in a holding pattern as my main computer is down due to a cpu problem. After I get the replacement cpu I'll resume work on the mod.

November 23 1999, Project Status
Because I've received several emails asking about a q3 port, I'd like to say, Yes, I do plan on doing one, but I don't plan on doing anything till after q3 is released. I plan to setup a new test server, and will make updates available when have something playable. As far as q2, I personally don't have any plans at this time to make q2 mod. Honestly, I just don't liked q2 as much as quakeworld. I may make more updates to creeper 1, but only if there is interest amongst the players. I'll probably ask for some help with the new mod at some point.

January 27, Beta 12
Thanks to Mouse from RealCTF for pointing out a bug in the strength rune code.

January 20, Beta 11
Made a few changes to the code. Code correctly prevents crossdressing again. Knight is again immune to own quad splash. Lake rune should not appear on ctf4. The yoyo effect caused by hanging from a hook should be gone. I had removed letting anyone energize with an LG, but it seems people use it, so I'll keep it in. BTW, that was a bug. There is also a bug with the lake rune which can cause the user to float. I haven't decided if I should fix it or leave it in.

August 27, Beta Release
The code seems somewhat stable, so I'm releasing the beta in its current state. Stem and I do plan to do some more work on the code, but its pretty close to being done. Also if you get a server crash with a message about entity >= 512, try pulling the pawn from the spawn list. Please let me know if you are having any crashes and what kind of error messages are generated. Hope to have the real 1.3 release by next week.

August 21, Bug fix
The bug that has been largely crashing the beta server should be fix. I'll release the code when the mod seems stable.

August 11, Updated rune page
The Beta still isn't ready, but for those interested I have added some info about the new runes and changes to the rune's page.

July 29, State of the new Beta changes
The current state of the new version as of the 29th. Note that it will probably change by the time the final release is ready. And I list it here in hopes that I can spend less time explaining changes while on the beta server.

New Runes:
Lake: The hook can be used to pull people, flags and runes. Not much more then entertainment value for the moment.
Eye: Shoot the hook and release the fire button before it hits someone and the hook turns into an eyeball. The eye serves many functions. It will zap enemies, heal and regen teammates, and if its well charged it can even de-activate quads and pents from nearby enemies. The eye can also be used as a portal. If you have an eyeball setup and pass through a teleport with the hook selected, you will be sent to your eye.
Changed Runes:
Sky: is now the old samurai with the thunder axe effect. Samurai has been retired.
Thor: Has been renamed the energy rune, and will get an additional ability to energize teammates (not currently working). Also I've rewritten the lightning code, so the problem with strange misses should be fixed.
Monk: has had a major overhaul. Monk now has a new combat mode 'MonkFu'. You have to be using the axe for it to work. The monkfu attack is short range but has a wide arc, as well as extra kickback. While in monkfu mode direct rocket hits just bounce off (rocket juggling has been moved from sky to here). There is also a new jump for monk, which is much higher then a normal jump. So if your quad rockets seem to be having no effect on the guy slapping you into a corner, chances are its a monkfu master.

July 21, Posible New Mods
For those who have been asking, (which now even includes captured.com). First, I have not heard about anyone having problems with the cpu friendly patch, so it will be in the next release. As far as quake2 mod. I might be working on a Quake 2 version of Creeper and maybe doing some finishing up work on the quake world mod. QW version will likely get two new experimently runes, and probably some tweaks to some of the current weaker runes. Oh, and I put the blue rocket model back in. I took it out last year to reduce download time for new players. But I don't plan on doing too much more for the current mod, as I feel its pretty much where I wanted it to be. Although I had planned on making a replacement weapon for the almost useless nailgun (atleast with out the sun rune), and a powerup to replace the ring of shadows. But I've pretty much decided that if I have time, I'm going to try my hand at doing a quake 2 mod. If it all works out, it should be very nice. It'll be similar to the current mod, and include as many runes/items as will translate to q2. But I plan on making a setup that will be very easy to customize.

For anyone who doesn't know. Madhouse is running a 2.29beta qw server which means if you want play to on madhouse you'll need the experimental Quake World 2.29 Client.

May 17, Improved CPU usage Beta test
This is not the next release. It does not contain any new features, but it should noticeably use less cpu. And please do not ask about the eye or lake runes, they don't currently do anything and I won't know what they will do till I code them. I need this cpu beta to be tested on a server with many players (8+). It is very possible that some of the runes or features are broken because of the optimizations, so I need to know the results of any testing. Let me know if you are running the so I can check it for myself. Also if you are using your own custom.qc, then you'll need to add itemmake(world,'0 0 0',ID_GENERALCHECK,0); to the spawnrunes function Download CPU Beta

Apr 25 1998, Bug fix
Heres how to fix that Monk/Lighting/Grapple bug.

Feb 3 1998, Minor patch
The download for version 1.2 now includes a fix for the bug in level voting. Which was reseting the players vote each time they died.

Feb 3 1998, New site at www.captuped.com
The new site with mostly new graphics is on online here at www.captured.com/creeper.

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