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Thursday, Apr. 30, 1998
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Considering that the Dapak2 update front seems to be getting a bit irregular, I thought that I'd upload something tasty for you followers to get stuck into. Completely non-Quake2 related, its an MP3 of some music I was working on the other day. If you like the works of Orbital, Boards of Canada, or the Age of Empires Music [:)] then thisll be your cup of tea. It weighs in at 1.382Mb, and is in Mono 44.1Khz 16bit. In order to play it, youll need and MP3 player like Winamp. For all you people who have Winamp it might be a good idea to shift-click the link, and to download a local copy of the MP3 before listening. I was going to upload the larger and longer stereo version, but I figured it wouldnt be worth it. As a bit of background info, the techno group .clone is just me and a mate [Jon Pepper] who kinda mess around, and call the end result 'experimental music'. Just click on the link below and grab your very own 'copy'right edition :)

[Clone]- First Light

If you really like it, then drop me an email here. And for all you techno geezers out there who want to know a bit more the tune was made with samples taken from the following machines: Boss DR550mkII drum machine, Aleshr16 drum machine, Korg X5 synth, Yamaha DX27 synth and the Roland Juno 106 for the bass.



Monday, Apr. 27, 1998
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id like to wish dan a happy belated birthday, getting old now m8 :) er i guess im updating to let people know that im still alive also.

er, oh yeh. made a map aswell :P it was for the uk lan party 'fusion98' [hence name] grab it here. hope you like it.



Monday, Apr. 20, 1998
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it's been a while, but here i am again. well, i turned 22 today...a rather uneventful birthday. i'm still very busy with RealLife, so it's often hard to find the time to have fun :)

just thought i'd let everyone know that i'm still alive and [for the most part] well...but it's back to the bat cave for now. i'll hopefully get to fire up worldcraft again sometime soon, but unfortunately i can't make any promises :(



Wednesday, Apr. 15, 1998
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Ok, my mew map has hit the net. Here's the file: - "The Rage"

And while you're at it, check out the full review at Ramshackle

I'd also like to thank Jeff Yost and the Ramshackle team for helping me test this map, and of course big thanks goes to my teammates Headshot, Danimal and infinite source of inspiration ;)



Tuesday, Apr. 14, 1998
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Quick note, here's our new e-mail addresses:

Dan "danimal" Proietti:
Sten "ztn" Uusvali:
Please update your address books accordingly.



Thursday, Apr. 9, 1998
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What!? Only a week and already a new update? Man, I feel like Blue already...did you miss me? Of course not...

Hehe, congratulations to the dude who fell to my stupid april joke :) So here's the truth: Dennis left in an amicable terms and all his levels was made by himself. Hammer that into your head or burn it to your butt or whatever, just remember that :)

Ok, seriously now... I really hate to say this but please, oh please don't e-mail me asking how to make Quake levels or how to play multiplayer game. Obviously you have access to the net, so it only takes a little to nothing to search around and obtain all the necessary information yourself. Here's a couple of links to help you getting started with building maps:

  • The Forge - they have good tutorials to you very beginners. There's a step-by-step guide about how to create a room, door and so on. Start from there.
  • r u s t - Good site if you need some more advanced info like how to use Quake2 entities or designing your level's architecture and much more.

But, always feel free to mail me if you have something to say about my levels or want to know how certain things are made, I'm always glad to help. Come to uncle ztn, pick up the soap...

I exchanged a couple of words today with Danimal, he's like busy as hell with his uni stuff. Also had word or two with Headshot on Monday. You can expect a new map from him real soon now. Map's looking great and it's named like "Muscular Gay" or something like that. That map along with the "Grind" and my "Killing Machine" was made for the DaPak2, but you know how things vent. And there's my new map waiting to be released, hope it's gonna happen sometime next week.

So there, see you all soon. Take care and stay well.



Thursday, Apr. 2, 1998
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Nah, we've decided to stick with the DaPak theme after all. Forget my yesterday's update.

Here's a screenie from my new map. Hoping to finish it sometime next week.

ztn2dm3 (8K), full image 44K



Wednesday, Apr. 1, 1998
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Hello! New month, new page. And that not only means a html page but a whole new page of life to the DaPak team too. Well, Copy, Danimal and myself put our ugly heads together and decided that there should be no more DaPak as we used to know it. We've decided to start a whole new project. As you might know id recently dropped the .pak file format in favor of more flexible and space saving .zip format. So, following their footsteps we came to the conclusion that DaPak should be renamed to DaZip. But, not only name has changed, no sir. DaZip will be Single player mod! And even more, it will use Unreal engine as will all future id titles. We're currently exchanging e-mails with American McGee to be our replacement for Headshot. Some of you might know that Headshot was being "let go" from DaPak because it came to our knowledge that all his levels was made by his girlfiend BabyGun and we were not seeing what we wanted anyways. Yes, that's right, he simply put his name to the text files as an author and didn't give any credits to the poor girl. That bastard!

Anyway, stay tuned for more DaZip news.




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