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Saturday, Feb. 28, 1998
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I just found this funny tidbit in an article by Theros called "The Tactics and Psychology of Quake2":

"[...] I have to say that I personally like campers, they are stationary so they make good targets, they don't really circulate through a level so they don't take weapons/items and they are the most fun to kill because they think that they are safe in there camping position, and finally they are extremely predictable. No matter how many times you kill an avid camper they will almost always go back to the same camping ground as soon as they respawn."

This reminds me that I finally made my peace with the duckers. Danimal showed me a dead funny way to deal with them and now I'm really happy when I find one or two duckers on a server.

Man, the new web site is up for only a week and you've been here a thousand times already. :) You shall be rewarded. Here are two more shots from my second DP2 map which is 95% done, I'd say. It will be good for 4-6 players and there's lots of DFA action to be found here. Dig:


On a different note: CTF2 rocks my world. As if you didn't know already: this mod is fantastic. And the maps (especially q2ctf2) kick major as too. Hope to see you on a server soon...



Friday, Feb. 27, 1998
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Phew! Head on over to Zaphod's Worldcraft 1.6 Beta Test Notes. The news item from Friday, 28 is (apart from the odd date) one of the best news I've heard in a while. Let's hope that he's right with his speculations.

On another note: now that the ideas keep coming again, I'm quite busy editing the new DP2 map. And it's coming along nicely! I got a good deal of the map finished already and only one small area remains. I'll post more shots here as soon as the first beta is done, watch out!

I also had the idea of turning some stuff that I still have on my hd into a Q2CTF map. I recently played some CTF over the net and really enjoyed it (though I played like a total dork.) We'll see.

Those of you who are faithfully waiting for SPINE, the Quake1 tourney map: Fear Not! It will be released soon. Promise! It's just that I'm still waiting for the Qonference tourney guys to give the ok. Just a few more days...

Oh, btw, did I mention that the PC-Gamer CD is finished?



Thursday, Feb. 26, 1998
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After trying to get started with a waste-style map for hours (canned like 10 maps in the process) I finally decided that it just isn't my texture set. I don't really know what it is, I just don't seem to get anywhere with it. At least not anywhere near the quality of Willit's maps. So I finally settled with the mine theme and it works quite well. Here are a few shots from what looks like it might become my second DP2 map (click!):

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Sunday, Feb. 22, 1998
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A little more tweaking here and there and I guess that's what the site will look like from now on. To my best knowledge all the broken links are fixed now and I even checked the site with Netscape 3.04. No problems there as well...

Ok, enough of that. From now on you shall read more Quake related content here again. To give you something to look at, here are two shots of the Quake1 map which will be released here shortly. I apologize for the delay, but because this is a tournament map several things need to be taken care of before this baby can be released... the shots (click!):



Saturday, Feb. 21, 1998
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Alright, the new site is up! After seeing the nice redesign of PQ I thought that the DAPAK site could do better as well. I hope you all like the new look. Feel free to give us feedback if you want to see anything here improved or if things just won't work with your browser. There are no frames, no Java, not even style sheets used on this site though, so it really shouldn't be a problem. The archives aren't working yet, I still have to convert the old stuff to the new format.

Special thanks go out to Jeff Yost of the Ramshackle who helped out with textures and valuable table hints as well as Christian Riege, organizer of the Qonference, who helped me iron out a very nasty html bug.

Now that this is done I can get back to Worldcraft and start my second DAPAK2 map. Unfortunately id's point release maps, although being pretty good, were not as a big an inspiration as I had hoped for. While the maps play superb for the most part there's not much new in the design department. I think I'll look into that "waste" theme of the original maps for the next one...