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And you thought it was over. Wrong again.
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Quote of the Week:
"This level is so much fun I almost pissed my pants playing it."
(Union Carbide of BANGG Q2 DM Reviews)


TUESDAY, FEB. 17, 1998

Not much new today. But there's something worth noting: download the gun! THE GUN for Quake2 was reviewed on BANGG Quake2 Level Review Site and received a whopping 5/5. The now featured "Quote of the Week" below the logo is taken from that review btw. There's also a review of download kick the p.a.! KICK THE P.A. there. Check it out!

And while you're at it head on over to the Ramshackle and take a look at the refurbishing that's going on in the different sections! Jeff the SpiffMeister is at it again :)


SATURDAY, FEB. 14, 1998

Well, after taking the final blow in a disasterous 2-on-2 38/37-8/0(me) and deciding to can another map that was 95% done already I goofed around with a screenshot of a DP2 level and here's what came out. Thought on a day like this I might as well post that crap. :)

q2_art.jpg (30658 Byte)


FRIDAY, FEB. 13, 1998

Eek! It's Friday 13th! Well, it's actually 14th already in here where I live. So I guess it is now safe to update the page without screwing up the PlanetQuake server and burning the whole building down. Speaking of PlanetQuake, as you may have noticed, they've done a major facelift. It's more "professional" looking now, though, old one was much easier to read. And it was faster too. Ah well, what am I talking about, as they say: don't bite the hand that feeds you ;)

I finally decided to upgrade to the NT Workstation. I just wonder why I didn't do it earlier. NT is so much better: it's faster, it's more reliable and it's more secure than Windows 95. Plus, after converting my FAT partitions to NTFS, there was more free space than before installing NT. Needless to say, NTFS is also faster than FAT.

But every coin has a flip side also: some of my dos programs (FastTracker for example) doesn't run anymore :( Anyone knows a good tracker program which runs with NT? And Quake 2 sound is heavily lagged because Q2 is "unable to init DirectSound". Yes, I have the Service Pack 3 installed. I think the problem relies with the audio drivers, I have the Intel TC430HX motherboard with the integrated Yamaha OPL-SA3 audio chip. I guess the audio drivers aren't quite compatible with the DirectX 3. email! Mail me if you happen to be known something that might help.

DaPak related: Had a "meeting" today with my teammates. Some cool ideas were thrown around, and discussed a bit about the release date. I get asked once in a while about the release, but so far it is "when it's done", "before christmas" and "within 2 or 3 months" ;) We still waiting the point release to be out, as it might fix some of the issues like telefragging and teleport exit push. And for those who still don't know, DaPak 2 will have 8 levels - 2 from each of us, and probably a servermod also. But as I said, everything is pretty open right now.

Ok, that's it from me. Talk to you next week. Oh, and happy Valentine's Day :)


TUESDAY, FEB. 10, 1998

Ok, it's about time to give you some details about this Quake1 map I've been working on. It's finished and a couple people are beta-testing it right now. Among them are the organizers of a BIG (about 200 people big!) quake party in germany called QONFERENCE '98 which will be held in April. Chances are that this map (name: SPINE) will become the official 1-on-1 tournament map for this event. Therefore a few issues need to be ironed out before it can be released, but it should be well before the end of the month. Actually I was hoping to release it around the 20th. I'll keep you informed...

On to another party: yesteray was my girlfriend's birthday and we had a pretty good time :) She recently changed her nick from Babygun to Gun (reflecting her more mature playing style perhaps?) Here's a detail shot of the T-shirt her clan mates gave her as a present, also showing our new clan logo:

gunfs.jpg (13927 Byte)

Quite a few people have been asking me, when DAPAK2 will be released. Well, we do not have anything like a release date set, all I can say is: we're four mappers, contributing two maps each. One of them is almost done, two are in the works. Additionally we're planning to include a few other cool bits which might take up some time as well, so my best guess is that it will at least take us two more months to get this pack finshed. At any rate we'll keep you up to date on our progress here...

SUNDAY, FEB. 8, 1998

QUAKE2 caused an invalid page fault in
module REF_GL.DLL at 0137:10001014.
EAX=00000000 CS=0137 EIP=10001014 EFLGS=00210202
EBX=00d3fd08 SS=013f ESP=00d3f88c EBP=10009f00
ECX=00d3d814 DS=013f ESI=01000000 FS=2287
EDX=000002f8 ES=013f EDI=00d3f8b4 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 40 5c 50 e8 83 0c 00 00 83 c4 04 68 00 00 18
Stack dump:
10009722 0046e938 00d3fcf4 78666433 746e6920
63617265 65766974 6f6f7620 286f6f64 00296d74
0000ffff 816130f4 00004550 0005014c 34812706

Argh! Dont you just hate it when something like this happens. Well thanks to the above I havent been able to continue creating Quake2 levels., so until I get it sorted (any ideas on what the above bit means?), I'll just have to do some other stuff. I've been around DC.Zero's house for the past day or so, and been playing around on the net. We downloaded the Eschaton: Darkening Twilight Quake Movie, a whole nasty 18Mb on a 56.6 modem. After watching the first 2 minutes or so we decided that it wasn't as good as the hype made out. The female actresses voice was pretty impressive though, and congrats go out to Kate Cooper on a dramatic redition of the script =]. However, its one of them things you'll either hate or love, so take an hour or two out of your interent connection time, and download it to see if you will slip into the darkness...

Another thing we also downloaded last night, and had some serious fun on was the Doom TC for Quake. Entitled YPOD: Your Path of Destruction this is a seriously cool kick ass mod for Quake. If you loved the original Doom (didnt we all?) then youll enjoy playing it in true 3d againist some polygon badies. As ever the doomguy by the Skinforge is the multiplayer skin of choice, so just give your self a color of 7, and go kick some shiny green players asses. Oh yeh! Another thing to note is that the palette has been changed, and a nifty util called grafswap allows the YPOD TC to run in all of the original doom palette...rather neat. The program is included in the TC download zip, and supports Malice and regular Quake aswell.

So thats about it from me, until I get my Quake2 working again, so I can continue with this level. I may even resort back to some Quake1 level design if I start to get the shakes...

Today it's copy's update day but I had some stuff to post so...first: you may have noticed some changes to the site, namely slightly redone download and contact sections plus an added site info section. This is because of an uni assignment dealing with this site that I'm currently working on. If you have any ideas how to improve this site feel free to let me know.

I also wanted to mention that tomorrow is the birthday of my girlfriend and clan member [FS] BABYGUN. I'm sure she'd be happy if you email! drop her a line :)

And finally: the release of the aforementioned Q1 map is imminent, stay tuned!

SATURDAY, FEB. 7, 1998

well, i just remembered i was supposed to update the page today, but unfortunately i have nothing to say ;) &nbspi'm off to rhode island ["the little state that could" is how i refer to it] for the rest of the night, where hopefully i will meet some cool people [read: lot's of hot women ;]. ok, good night!

FRIDAY, FEB. 6, 1998

hiya! i've been very busy lately, didn't even have the time to update the page yesterday. i'm currently building my levels so this is gonna be a quick update: here's some screenshots of the dapak2 level i'm currently working on:

ztn01 (15K)  ztn02 (11K)

take care

THURSDAY, FEB. 5, 1998

ztn wasn't able to make an update today, so i'm back again.

a while back, a friend and i organized a 1-on-1 quake tournament among the quake players here at my school. we started with 32 people, and got down to the round of 16 after about a week [there were 8 groups of 4 players, everyone played 3 matches, and the 16 with the best records advanced...actually it was more complicated, but i won't go into that]. anyway, we never finished it...everyone had final exams, then quake2 came out, then people just weren't interested anymore, yadda yadda yadda. lately however, some of the participants have expressed interest in finishing the tournament...and that is cool with me. things might even get started as early as this weekend, and if so i might start putting some links up to some of the more exciting demos. we've got some damn good players here at WPI. well, time to go watch seinfeld...later.


so, it's wednesday yet again. i took it easy today and slept late, since i had no classes...whoo hoo! it was a good day overall, although my roommate did beat me in quake for the first time ever. i ended up on a friend's computer with the hard drive accessing most of the time and a microsoft mouse in a noisy room with barely any sound anyway, while he played on his "home machine"...but if he wants to consider it a victory, i guess i'll feed his ego ;)   good game, elvis. well, i figure i should update about something concerning dapak2, so i'll post a screenshot of a level i started the other day...

some pic until next time, i'm signing off.

TUESDAY, FEB. 3, 1998

Yes Yes Yo, tuesday, time for an update. Let me start with a little rant. Well, it's not actually a rant, more a question. Since I'm able to frag over the internet as well now, I practice it every day. Now, the ting that really strikes me is the amount of people sliding through each and every map from start to fraglimit on their ass! Why is that? I played quite a lot now but was unable to find out why they do it. They're making the perfect target and therefore are dying all the time. On their knees! I'd estimate that one out of twenty crouchers is successful with this strategy. Besides: it looks darn stupid! To quote Meanstryk from the Ramshackle's Forum Section:

"[...] People... did you drop something? No? Then get the hell off the floor! Thanks to a few million years of evolution, mankind can now walk upright. It's time to leave the shallow end of the gene pool and stand erect. Most of you crouch way too much and in situations where it does nothing but hinder you. Do you have any idea how laughable it is to have opponents fall to their knees as I approach? It's like they're begging for their life or something. I just walk up to them, clap the super-shotgun to their head, and put them out of their misery. They're sitting ducks."

The article in it's entirety is a pretty good read btw, so you might want to head over there and, um, read it. Anyways, I guess you're here to read about the progress of DAPAK2. Well, I decided to just post a couple shots from my first map so you can see what I'm up to.

dp2_5a.jpg (14109 Byte)dp2_5b.jpg (11064 Byte)

Also there might be a final Quake1 map coming from me soon. The release date is not clear at that point but considering how many Mac Quakers enjoyed DAPAK it should be worth the effort...

SUNDAY, FEB. 1, 1998

I have been working quite a lot recently on the rocket arena map that the Dapak2 team are going to contribute to the Rocket Arena2 guys. I have included a screenshot of the level I am contributing, so that you can all have a look (only a small look, hence the size of the jpeg) and wonder what the rest is going to be about.

I've also been fiddling more and more with the Quake2 textures, and thanks to Danimals excellent Voila utility I have been able to come across a few short-cuts for creating Quake2 maps. One technique is to open up the default e1u1/sky1.wal texture, and apply a light flag to it. That way you can compile your Quake2 maps as normal, and not have to worry about placing loads of point light entities around the level. As all the lighting information is stored at the compiling stages, you dont even have to have the modified WAL to play the level as normal! I am in the process of finding out some more techniques, so keep your finger on this pulse for more information as I discover it.

On a more groovy note, I have been playing on a cool 3 way LAN with DC.Zero and Guru.J-Rolla for the past day or so with basically the minimal amount of sleep :) DC.Zero whipped my hide for the first part of the session, but it all came back to me near the end of the day with a 20-13 win on DM6! Apart from spending nearly 20 quid at Shoot and Surf for a few hours of Quake is was a pretty cheap and cheerful weekend.

Oops, one of my secret screenies which shows the auto-sky lighting in action has slipped out :)