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August 2000

Next Release
· Posted 8/30/2000 · Author: Phil ·

Notice: There has not been a new release since BETA 2.1

After a surprisingly crash-less test session with Castrator last night, I've been able to incorporate Jump Stamina into D-Day. What does this mean? A soldier will start out with jump stamina value of 100. Everytime the soldier jumps, the stamina is decreased by 25 points. Once the stamina value is below 25, the soldier can not jump. The points regenerate about 1 point per 1 second. Furthermore, the M1 Garand damage value has been lowered from 100 points per shot to 40. As always, these figures might change after extensive play-testing. Also -- we haven't forgotten about the pre-release clan match, either. =)



Servers and Maps
· Posted 8/30/2000 · Author: Castrator ·

Just a quick note for those of you still adjusting to the new site design (aren't we all?), the list of running dday servers now has its own separate page (see link on the left hand side). Also, for all you mappers out there, we have decided to give you a little more time to get your maps ready. The deadline for the map contest is now Sept. 30. You now have almost an entire extra month, so really try to make some quality maps. As always, you can email me if you have any questions.

Grand Opening
· Posted 8/29/2000 · Author: Jackson ·

Welcome to the Grand Opening of the New D-Day website. This page, unlike the old one, will be updated frequently, and well-maintained. Enjoy. :)

Classes Pics
· Posted 8/29/2000 · Author: Jackson ·

There's all new pics of the classes and their capabilities on the Classes page. Go check it out.. trust me.. they're Grreat! :)

News Script Working
· Posted 8/17/2000 · Author: Jackson ·

The news script is working. The D-Day staff can now, on a daily basis, tell you all the latest stuff they are working on. I am also going to put a .plan file viewer so that they can give updates so you won't be 'in the dark'.

New Site Launched
· Posted 8/17/2000 · Author: Jackson ·

Hi, I'm Jackson, your new webmaster, and I am redoing the website. Stay tuned.

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