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Download Central

Quake III Test
Test release of Quake III: Arena. This link below is to the Quake III Test section on FilePlanet. Visit this link to find the most recent version of Quake III Test.

This link takes you to the download page for Quake III Test 1.07 (PC version), which is the version I wrote this guide using.

Quake II Patches
This is the official id upgrade to Quake II. If you have never upgraded Quake II before or don't know which version you have you should download this patch. It contains all the official id deathmatch maps as well as Capture The Flag for Quake II.

For additional id Quake II files visit: 

Visit this link to download the most recent version of GameSpy:

Rogue's Demo Pak
These are a small collection of Quake 2 demo files for use with this tutorial. Instructions for installing and running the tutorials are given on the Cheats/Demo page. Instructions are also included with the demos in the file readme.txt.

Eraser Bot
Eraser bot is a Quake II addon that allows you to play computer controlled deathmatch oponents. 


This site is copyright () 1999 by Rogue1701. Quake II, Quake III Arena and its logos are copyright () by id Software.
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