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Part 1 - Quake 2 Weapons

There's nothing like the feeling when you've granulated some unfortunate opponent with a shotgun blast to the head, or when you turn a fellow fragger into bloody chunks with a well placed rocket. Of course I'm sure psychiatrists would have something to say about this, but who cares what they think! In any event, here's all the weapons available for your deathmatch fun and how best to use them.

The most basic weapon in Quake 2. Not very powerful, but it has it's place. After all one shot from this trusty guy can take down any severely battered (i.e. low health) opponent no matter what weapon he has. Another one of my favorite tactics (as I mentioned before) is to jump on top of an opponent and then blast away at his head. It sounds crazy but it's worked before! In general though if all you have is the blaster then you need to find some more powerful weaponry pronto.

Better than the blaster (in power respects), but the super shotgun is even better.

Super Shotgun
Also known as the double-barreled shotgun. The super shotgun is a favorite of expert deathmatchers everywhere. Although it's not as powerful at long ranges, a close up blast to another player will ensure instant death. The super shotgun should always be in your arsenal.

Hand Grenades
Personally I think these are of little use most of the time; because of the time required to actually throw one it doesn't make them very effective. However I'd be lying if I said I've never been killed by a well tossed hand grenade. Usually the grenade launcher is more preferable if you're going to be using grenades.

Machine Gun
One of my favorite weapons! The machine gun is a good all purpose gun. Well rounded in power, shot rate, and range - the machine gun doesn't really have any significant flaws. One exception is its kickback which can make steady aiming hard. However with the standard mouse and keyboard control and freelook turned on this shouldn't be a big problem.

Chain Gun
Powerful is the only word to describe this bad boy. The chain guns chews up ammo as fast as it chews up bad guys so watch your ammo level. Generally this is best for mowing down large crowds, but don't be afraid to use it in a one on one duel.

Grenade Launcher
I like using the grenade launcher for two things. One is lobbing grenades into large crowds of people when I'm above them on a ledge. The second is for quick kills of enemies at medium or close range. The only danger from this is the harm close range explosions do to your health.

Rocket Launcher
Ahhh, the weapon of choice in original Quake multiplayer is not quite as dominating in Quake 2 multiplayer. Still it remains a vicious component in the weapons collection of any player. The rocket launcher should be used primarily for long and medium range attacks. Close quarter killings with the launcher are possible but more than likely you'll take a severe hit to the health.

If you accidentally kill yourself with your own rocket or grenade in a deathmatch the computer deducts one frag from you (for "killing yourself"). You also loose frags for drowning, burning up in lava, or dying in radioactive sludge.

Probably my favorite implement of destruction for Quake 2 deathmatches. The Quake 2 manual describes it as an "energy chain gun with no spin up delay." So this gun is useful in just about every situation. Like its counterpart the chain gun, it will eat up ammo rather quickly though.

Do you remember the Arnold Schwarzeneger movie "Eraser?" (that's okay, you don’t have to admit you saw it). Well in that flick you might recall seeing Ahnold use this big boy. The rail gun fires uranium slugs at super high velocities (the speed of sound) so just about anything you hit is going to die. This is the gun of choice for many players but I feel it's not quite as effective as it should be. First the reload rate is slow which can cost you dearly in a heated duel. Also I've noticed that many times even close up hits aren't always enough to do an opponent in. Still I can't deny the power of this weapon; just use it intelligently.

Gun doesn't do this piece of machinery justice. When everything has to die right now use the BFG. The BFG is really only effective when you're able to fire her off in an enclosed room full of people (that's a good way to get lots of frags quick). For everything else it's too slow and cumbersome.

No they aren't weapons, but snatching up as much health and armor you can get your hands on is prudent in any PC game. Especially in Quake 2 deathmatch, where you're going to get shot… a lot.

That's all for weapons right now. Let's move on to the more technical side of things and learn how Quake 2 servers work. Click the link below to continue.

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