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Some sections are still being written, and some editing still needs to be done. The guide will work in its current form. Thanks for your patience!


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Part II - Quake III Controls
Although you may not believe it now, a good controller setup is the most critical concept and skill a Quake III player must acquire. If you're not using an effective and efficient control setup you are going to have an extremely difficult time playing Quake III and other games like it. This section will introduce to one of the most widely used control methods: the mouse and keyboard.

Why Use A Mouse And Keyboard?
If you aren't already comfortable with using the keyboard and mouse for control, you should be. Although it feels awkward and strange at first, the keyboard and mouse combination is the most popular control method among online shooters (as of this writing).

The mouse is used for looking up and down, looking/moving left to right, and firing your weapon. On a three button mouse use the middle mouse button (or scroll wheel) to zoom in your view, kind of like a sniper.

The keyboard is used for everything else. Moving forward and backwards, sidestepping to the right or left, jumping, crouching, switching weapons, talking, etc. The first question most new players have is how do I use the keyboard and mouse, together, to move my character? This can best be explained by example.

Suppose you were in a long hallway, and another hallway intersects it in the middle. Now let's say you're starting at the beginning of the hallway. To move towards the intersection you would press the walk forward key which is W or the Up Arrow key. Now suppose that when you reach the intersection you wanted to turn left to go into the intersecting hall. While you were still pressing the walk forward key you would move your mouse to the left, which would veer your character left into the intersecting hallway. Alternatively, you could press the Left Arrow key to turn left.

The Default Control Setup
The following control setup is what Quake III is initially set to after you've installed it. For quick reference you can find this list, plus more default controls, on page 31 of your Quake III Arena manual.

Walk Forward W or Up Arrow
Backpedal S or Down Arrow
Sidestep Left A
Sidestep Right D
Jump/Swim Up Space Bar
Look Up Move mouse forward or PgDn
Look Down Move mouse backwards or Del
Center View End
Zoom In Mouse Button 3 (on scroll wheel mice click the wheel)
Turn Left Left Arrow or Move mouse left
Turn Right Right Arrow or Move mouse right
Crouch/Down C
Attack/Fire Weapon Mouse button 1 or Ctrl
Chat T
Use Item Enter

Changing Your Controls
If you don't like any of the default control settings of Quake III - although I highly recommend you use them - they can be changed. You can access control setup from either the main menu or by hitting Esc when you're in a game. Click "Setup" and then click "Controls." You are now at the control setup screen.

On the left are different categories of control types that you can set, for example "Look." Select the category that fits the control you want to change by clicking it. On the left side of the screen is a list of controls and the key/button that control is bound to. To set the control to a different key or button click on the control's name, and then press the new button/key you want to change it to. If you change your mind before you set the control you can cancel by hitting Esc.

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