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Some sections are still being written, and some editing still needs to be done. The guide will work in its current form. Thanks for your patience!


Quake III Intro
Online Gaming
Q3 Requirements
Installing Q3
Deathmatch Intro
Game Environment
Q3 Controls
Singleplayer Game
Online Deathmatch
GameSpy Guide
The Console
Quake 3 CTF
Tweaking Q3
Custom Maps
Programming Q3

Quake 3 Resources

Greetings, and welcome to the exciting world of Quake III Arena. The guide you are reading now was exclusively designed and written for the beginning Quake III player. No previous experience with online gaming is required. In fact, if you've never played a computer game over the Internet this guide was written just for you (although if you just need a brush up it will be useful too)!

How to Use This Guide
DeathMatch 101's Quake III Arena guide has been laid out in a chronological fashion. Beginning players should read the guide in its entirety, with the exception of Part 4 which is meant to be bonus readings on more advanced topics (which you can read if you want).

To your left is a navigation bar that links to every page in this guide. Think of the page you're reading right now as page 1. At the bottom of every page are next and previous links. When you reach the end of a page simply click the "next" link to read the next page in the guide.

The navigation bar to your left can be used to quickly jump to a specific page in this guide. Note that the navigation bar is also laid in a chronological fashion. So each link that immediately follows a link is the next page in the guide, starting with the introduction which is the page you are now reading.

What This Guide Is Not
This is not an exhaustive technical or strategy guide for Quake III Arena. It is meant purely as an introductory tutorial for players who have little or no experience with Quake III Arena and Internet gaming. If you're looking to teach yourself how to program Quake III or learn advanced tactics and strategies you should check out some of the other sites at PlanetQuake.

What To Do If You Don't Understand A Topic
The golden rule under this situation is: re-read. The author has made every effort to make this guide as readable and accessible as possible. However, some topics just may stump you or leave you scratching your head. When this happens take a deep breath, grab a Cherry Pepsi from the fridge, and re-read the section that's giving you trouble. More often than not this will clear up what's confusing you (and if you really can't understand something you can contact me).

Let's Begin
All right, enough of this house keeping chit-chat. Click the "Next" link below to begin your journey through Quake III Arena and Internet gaming!



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