Here are maps not done by me but which, IMHO, have been unjustly overlooked, mainly because of the surprisingly conservative frame of mind of the gaming community (if you don't agree with that, my E-mail adress is on the left); indeed, if you look at all the "best-selling" maps on the 'Net, you'll notice they're all very alike as far as textures are concerned: they're all metal, in the blue/brown (sometimes green or orange, but not too bright) hues. All right, I like fragging in Q2 surroundings as much as the next player, but if I remember well Q1 was mainly textured in stone/wood (and metal too, that's right) medieval style, wasn't it? So why not carry on in this direction and try to create other textures, really inventive ones, instead of the endlessly repeated Q2 and 3 metal ones (which are excellent, don't misunderstand me, as are the ones drawn by amateur texturers, of whom I try to be)?
Well, here are maps that stand out of the mainstream and that I like for this very reason. I hope you'll like them too.



Rlyeh2.gif Obviously inspired from the city where the great Cthulhu waits and dreams, this map is one of the most original I've ever come by. All textures are new and go a long way to render an ancient submerged city atmosphere. Well, the layout is not too great - not quite circular enough for DM - but it's very playable anyway and the looks are superb! As it is signed "PAR NURGLE", I tend to think the author is French, or at least lives in a French speaking country, which only adds to the liking I have towards his map. Also, I love Lovecraft (no pun intended) whom I've had the pleasure to translate into French (and who is the sole author whose translation earns me royalties, although he's been dead for 60 years now!).
Grab it!

Archaic Nature


Archaic1_2.gif This may be my all time fav: I think it's the most elegant map that's ever been done, and I often load it up just for the sake of strolling in it, without any human or robotic foe distracting me from gaping at the beauty of the architecture, the delicacy of the details, the restful sweetness of the lighting.

And once I've had my content of eye-candy, I conjure up a few Omis and take a carnivorous pleasure in perforating their C++ guts within this palace of grace, because Archaic Nature is also a wonderfully playing map!

I'm no reviewer, I haven't the talent nor the fluency in English required for that job, so I'll stop now and just advise you to download this map if you haven't got it yet. Grab it!

Omi route: Archaic1_ent.zip