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The EuroQuake tournament reaches its climax with the finals of the Quake II clan contest, as Scandinavian powerhouses 7th Chapter and Memento Mori battle it out for the top prize.

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  — by Sumfuka and Gestalt

7th Chapter vs Memento Mori

7th Memento Mori
  • Daimar
  • Zozze
  • Warhead
  • Lost-son
  • Nord
  • Huzlor
  • Mastah^Killah
  • Shub^Nigga
  • Scion
  • oWo
  • Dark
  • Sectopod

The first leg of the match took place on q2dm1 - a map that Memento Mori have made their own, counting on their specialisation of it to win matches in their native Norway where matches take place over two maps, with frag difference deciding the result...

At the start it was 2:-2 in favour of MM, who managed to lock down the level at that time. They gained an early lead, pulling out to 34-3. There were fierce rail battles around the megahealth area, as both teams fought for territorial supremacy. Scion denied 7th a successful attack on this region. MM moved to a roaming strategy, moving between key areas of the map. They simply denied 7th any choice items. After 11 minutes the score was already 78-21.

We saw some brilliant one man efforts from 7th, but they could not dismount MM. oWo surprised two wrongly coloured Quake guys when he popped up the lift and killed them both with one rocket. You were supposed to be guarding the lift guys!

With fifteen minutes gone and the score at 100-31, oWo became frustrated, slammed both fists on the desk, and yelled out in Norwegian "We are only leading by 70 frags!" [9]Spy tells us that MM are usually winning by 100 frags at this point...

Despite oWo re-execing and screwing up his config, which meant he couldn't drop ammo for his team mates (more fists on the table), MM sealed a great game, 135-50.

Only 85?!? C'mon guys, you can do better than that.

The final match was on q2dm2 - Tokay's Towers. (Apparently Bob the Janitor's favourite level, especially when on RED team). MM went out strong again (just for a change), and racked up a quick (only) 70 frags in the first half, leaving 7th sitting on 30.

MM continued their domination of the quad and rocket regions - they didn't seem to give a smoked reindeer about the red armour. Although most reindeers glow in the dark these days, after Chernobyl (they eat moss which was highly radiated by the fallout)... The score was in MM's favour by .. well, a lot.

We saw some funny moments, like when Zozze tricked the person who was hunting him with the rocket launcher. He ducked around the corner opposite the red armour, evading two rockets. Then he jumped down the shaft, railing his opponent from mid-air. Nice shot son! Huzlor and Dark got into a grenade fight, but Dark spoiled all the fun by cratering.

But then! Daimar single-handedly staged a comeback for 7th. It started when he grabbed the BFG, wasted a guy, grabbed the quad, wasted another guy, BFG'd another hapless MM player, rocketed a fourth victim (how high can a reindeer jump anyway?), grabbed more cells and unleashed the BFG again. He was finally taken out by three opponents in the water below the red armour. The margin was only 96-85. Daimar, you should have Quake groupies.

Daimar and Scion showed us how to rocket jump to the red armour... Why haven't we seen anyone else do that today? But for Scion, his friend was in the way. Great team work guys!

However, in the dying minutes MM proved to be the superior team, locking down the level for a 112-88 victory. They are EuroQuake champions!

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