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PC Gaming Clans Gather for Euro Battle Royal!

The last weekend of February will see Europe's finest Quake and Quake 2 players battling for supremacy in the most prestigious computer gaming event ever staged in the UK.

AMD, the manufacturer of the newly launched AMD K6-2 PC processor with 3DNow! technology, and the UK LAN Party, one of the leading PC games tournament organisers, are hosting the AMD European Quake Championships on 27th-28th February in London. The top players will assemble at the Playing Fields, Londonís leading PC games venue prepared to do battle.

The highlight of the many events happening over this hectic weekend is the Quake 1 tournament. The leading Swedish team, Clan 9, is taking on Clan UK in the best of five games series. Clan 9 beat Threshís Clan "DeathRow" in Sweden last year, and is widely regarded as the world's best clan. "Thresh" (Dennis Fong) is the AMD US Professional Gamerís League (PGL) champion. Clan UK have their own secret weapon in the guise of the feared and renowned Quakers, Sujoy and Timber, and intend to battle for supremacy.

This serious hard-core frag action continues with the top Nordic and UK clans competing in the ultimate Quake 2 team event. The UK one on one tournament competitors include the UK LAN Party league, and Billox, the UK winner of the AMD/Wireplay Quakeadelica 1998 competition. This battle of skills will produce the UK supreme player who will then be thrown into the arena with Shub-Nigga - Europeís best one on one player and winner of the 250 player, Triad competition.

The tournament games will be played on PC systems based on the AMD K6-2 processor running at a scorching 350MHz. The 3DNow! Technology will deliver vibrant graphics, realistic scenery and sharp 3D images and sound.

Spectators at the event will be catered for via huge screens and live commentary, provided by DJs from LANParty FM broadcasting simultaneously to the Internet via SHOUTcast. Proxies will relay the games live so an estimated one thousand people can watch the tournament around the world.

The Playing Fields is a ground-breaking computer games bar in the West End, specialising in multi-player PC entertainment. It regular hosts and organises tournament events and has established itself as the most popular destination for gamers in the London Area. More information about The Playing Fields can be found at

"We are pleased to have been able to support the UK LAN party in their popular Quake tournaments. Euroquake is one of the most important events to occur in the European Quake scene so far and has certainly attracted Europe's best players."

The UK LAN Party organise gaming tournaments for Quake both on- and off-line. Since April 1998 they have run a series of highly prestigious LAN parties at The Playing Fields, London. The tournament attracts the best players from across the UK, coming to compete for great prizes from AMD and to meet up with friends from the Quake community. Other successes include the 'Quake 2 Clan Deathmatch League', the Quake equivalent of the Premier League which has 80 clans competing each week. The 'AMD Quake 2 Duel League' is a 1-on-1 'gladiator' tournament open to the whole of Europe.

More information about the UK LAN Party can be found at, or e-mail Nick Loman at

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