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The EuroQuake tournament kicks off for real with the first round of the Quake II clan contest. Here's the dirt...

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Round One
  — by Sumfuka and Gestalt

Clan 9 vs Respawned

Nine Respawned
  • Psy-Crow
  • Spy
  • Fuzz
  • Q-Dog
  • Istari
  • Mantic
  • Spokk
  • Quasaris
  • Commandir
  • Krummas
  • Infernal
  • Night
The first match (on q2dm1 - The Edge) was a true viking battle. These two top Swedish clans gave a thrilling finish. Nine led the game early on, focusing on the centre room, which they call "torget" (in Swedish). They kept the PAW (Respawned) players away from the rocket launchers and hunted them down whenever they spawned in the centre. Nine led 27-11.

Fuzz kicked his cable out of his computer (DOh!). Then in the middle game PAW came back, concentrating on owning the megahealth. At first they succeeded in repelling Nine, who tried to make a come back of their own. PAW was winning 86-68.

But in the end Nine broke through, making a come back to take the game to a nail-biting 89-89 in the final minute. The match was forced into overtime, and PAW finally edged ahead to win the game 98-96.

The second match (on q2dm7 - Slimy Place) was battle of attrition with the lower weapons. Both teams were forced into blaster battles, which often defined the course of the game. Most of the action seemed to centre on the red armour, with both teams trying to take control of this, the juiciest item on the map. After a while it was 31-31.

Nine held the spiral staircase above the red armour as their own. PAW held the upper ledge above the rocket launcher and tried to rain grenades down on Nine. However Nine edged ahead, showing true mastery of all the weapons on the map. 75-54 after 13 minutes.

In the last stage of the game PAW rallied and all four of them attacked the red armour. A fierce battle ensued, filling up the body count. Nine blazed ahead, and won the game 130-91, forcing a third deciding match...

The third match was on q2dm2 (Tokay's Towers), apparently PAW's favourite map. Nine's strategy was to take hold of the large lift leading to the red armour, railgun and BFG. PAW's strategy was to hold the rocket launcher and quad. Mantic showed Spy that quad shotty beats BFG at close range. Score PAW leading 20-13.

Fierce battles raged around the red armour and the quad, but both clans maintained their positions in the level. The double shotty was often a meeting place, and proved to be an important weapon in this round. PAW used the quad to attack the red armour. After 12 minutes they managed to take the red armour, leading 58-46.

Nine tried to take a new foothold on the level, but were denied. Istari did a cleansing run to take back the red armour and BFG, whilst Spy took back the rocket launcher, but it was a little too late. Amazingly the score was 91-91 at full time, with a second overtime being forced. In probably the tensest 60 seconds of Quake ever seen at the Playing Fields, PAW sealed the match 99-94.

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