Tittle: MELANQUOLIA                    Download                       Game: Quake1

This was my first fine effort, after 11 (posted) other levels iīm not telling about. It was inspired by early Q3A screenshots, and it has an appropiate runic/gothic theme. Its layout is certainly unusual, but it has proven to play superb. As i see no point on telling you whether the map is a good one or not, you can check a review for yourself at the MPQ, where it scored a whooping 3/5 score. Duh. Major problems pointed by Paul was certain textures missalignment, due to its curved corridors. Melanquolia is certainly a bot-friendly map, and i humble reccomend you to download it now!



Tittle: GAME PRESERVE                   Download                       Game: Quake1

Phew... this one has been under beta-testing for ages, but the results are very pleasant. The only glitch is that i built it up with 1on1 in mind, and the resulting work can fit as much as 6 players comfortably, so it is quite big for a good 1on1 play. Sheesh. It features some meso-american glyphs (as Raymond Siah tolds me!) conveniently ported from Hexen2 textures. They are good-looking textures and used only on a few rare occasions. Now run for it. :-)



Tittle: PANDEMONIUM      Download     Source available     Game: Quake1
I am very satisfied with this one. The textures were taken directly from Unreal, and boy, do they look cool under a decent GL-Quake. Despite this, i designed this one with 1on1 in mind, mode in which the level works very okay. As a bonus, you get fantastic 4FFA game, but make sure you turn DMM3 on or you can run out of weapons pretty easy. I specially like the layout, very fast-paced, very vertical, very inter-connected, allowing you to develop tactics to ambush/evade your enemies. So... stop hanging around and start downloading it... cīmon... you know you want to!



Tittle: THE FURNACE                     Download                       Game: Quake1
Ever wondered where the corpses and gibs from a deathmatch goes? Nah, of course, you would be insane if you ever think in things like that. But hey, it hasnīt to be a place much different than this. Dressed up with Kingpin textures, this place resembles an abandoned (why, of course) sort of a furnace installation. It plays quite good for 1on1 on my opinion, and you get quite good 4FFA as a bonus. I reckon the r_speed is getting somewhat silly in places, but the P100 i have at home for deathmatching purposes (eh!) could handle it just fine. Not great, i said fine. :-) Now, download it and have a great time on it -- i had building it up. :-)



Tittle: ESPRIT DE CORPSE               Download                       Game: Quake1
Rather than a esprit de corpse, this level has been my tour de force; i have been looking for it for months, restarting the whole thing once and again until i found something... different; this level is not too flat, nor too vertical, itīs very tight, very fast-paced, somewhat messy, always enchanting. This beauty can accomodate a good old 1on1 play as well as a terrific 4FFA, and i guess that a 2on2 will be a good experience, too. But enough bather; just download your copy and check for yourself, okay? :-)