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Emerge from the swamps to reclaim your throne, Your Grace. Possibly my last mod for Quake.

Soul of Evil
I was the main - well, only - coder for this massive SP project. Well worth waiting for!

Coagula Contest
I won this contest; here I discuss the map I entered.

Single Player

Swamp & Towne
Wade your way through two levels of mean marshes and meaner streets in this Single Player nighttime nightmare.

The Frater Fracas
My first accoladed map by Shambler and Quake Map Hotel. Single Player base harbinger of OUM.


That which Mortuus Simplex was meant to be.

Mortuus Simplex
Dead Simple remake in Jackboot style.

My Brain Died Yesterday
Underground sandstone and black metal hellhole for two people. Considered one of my best yet.

The Ministry of Love
My best map so far? Curved Stecki-textured pile rating 4.5/5 at MPQ.

Other Maps

Rocket Arena Maps
Two Rocket Arena maps: a Q2-textured building and one third of one of a Deathmatch map.

Old maps from 1998
My first seven bits of mappage, from when I started. I've improved (duh.)

Memento Mori
The Fat Controller takes one of CZG's maps in hand, to everyone's pleasure.

Wads and Sods

Dunwich Textures
Fingers' medieval/urban set.

Q3 IKbase
Fingers' classic set as ported to and from Q3.

Mr.Clean's Gothic
A variation on the classic Q3 gothic style.

General WarT's custom entity development package.

Twisted Christmas
A seasoned fragging that appeared in 1997, dropped off the net later, but was preserved by ScragBait and uploaded by yours truly.

Sandstorm Textures
The texture wad I used for Sandstorm and Glitch.

Xatrix Kingpin Textures
Unused textures for Kingpin from Xatrix. Converted by yours truly.

Ogro Textures
Dark brown evil textures used by Ogro for his map Gotcha!

Doom 2 textures
569 textures from Doom 2.

Unreal Tech textures
Biff Debris sent me these.


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