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Sit down, Your Grace. 

Yes, I know you're a little confused. The fact of the matter is, Your Grace, that youare not who you thought you were.

You see, you're actually an orphan, from another world. A world which has been overrunby the forces of Quake, under the command of a being calling itself The Duke. However,you, Your Grace, are the true duke of this world, being the only survivor: the Duke ofOntranto.

We have raised you, trained you, and now it is time to reclaim your throne from the usurper.Weaponry has been sent ahead, but we cannot guarantee success.

Good luck and godspeed, Your Grace.

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Patches  for those who downloaded before the 23rd June 2004

There have been problems with both a missing skybox and severe play imbalance in the fourth map. After the 23rd June 2004, the revised zip should have percolated throughout FilePlanet and things should be OK.

Those who have already downloaded can retrieve the adjusted map #4 as a separate pak1.pak (just extract to your Ontranto folder) here. (1.4MB)

Those lacking the skybox (I forgot to put it in) can get that here.(30KB)


Five maps, and a skill-setting map, with a big stoush pitting you against the Duke and his minions. (What does the Duke have up his sleeve? You'll find out.)

The maps, generally, explore a bit further the themes first mooted in my old pair of maps, Swamp and Towne: Swamp, mines, tombs and a medieval town (complete with two alehouses if you're thirsty, heh heh!)

However, there's also a spiffy boat ride too, new monsters, new sounds and some cunning twists on the old "find the keys" gameplay. And a skybox!

It's been a long time coming, but I like to think it's been worth it.

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Technical notes 

These maps have some complex and open brushwork, so software users (e.g. WinQuake or ToChris) will most likely experience greyflash in places. Also, you need to allocate about 32MB to the heap, or things go wierd, I've noticed.

Also, anyone using version 0.75 of FitzQuake will find that the skybos replaces some skins and textures, due to a coding flaw. This is not a problem with the mod.

Download this fileDownload Ontranto now!


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