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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | February 16, 2001

PQ Mailbag


Demonwench: Aaaaahhh. Hope all of y'all enjoyed yer luvvy dovey Valentine's day! I know I did, '-) And if you didn't, be gald it's over now and the rest of the world can get back to normal. You can stop camping the couple's hangout, now, they're gone.

Aaaaannddd we're back with a fan-tab-ulous mailbag for ya! But then, is it ever not just so?

Pappy-R:I still say this holiday was made up by some specific companies to make big bucks off the guilt of men. Not that it stops me from spending those bucks, it just bruns my butt a tad. Now let's crank some feedback!

Demonwench: On stage now, replies to our Rants N' Raves feature, this week about those naughty naughty nicknames we see everywhere nowadays. There's what you thought! Foul Nicks

From: Phoenix
Subject: Ranting about foul mouthed names

This is certainly a rant I can agree with. Being one of the "older" gamers myself (No I won't tell you my age, but I'm older than almost all of you, trust me!) I really have no room for this sort of thing. If I'm searching for servers in Gamespy, I will deliberately avoid those with foul names because it usually gives me a good idea of what the person is going to be like that I'm playing against. To me it's just plain immature and unneccessary to pick a name that will insult other people. Disgusting names and racially insulting names send the wrong message and generally end up annoying if not outraging many people. I've seen a lot of amusing names that don't involve some kind of sexual/fecal/racial undertones. It's called CREATIVITY, something that is becoming a scarce commodity lately. As a member of a major Q3A mod project I can tell you that being creative takes a little something called EFFORT. Making some sick name takes very little effort and shows a very low mentality.

Please, spare us from this onslaught of vulgar names. Show some respect for your fellow gamers. If you can't play well with others it will annoy people until they leave, and sooner or later the only one you'll have left to play with is yourself. Read that statement any way you like.

Demonwench: I am not surprised there are naughty nicks out there, but then, I'm very pessimistic about the human race. I think we're all going down the bung hole and the excessive use of profanity has got to be a sign of it.

Pappy-R: It's just so tiresome to have to go through so many gamers thinking they're original and witty while relying on shear shock value. Shock value minus originality and real shock is stupid and boring.

From: Vasquez
Subject: Rants N Raves

Agreed 110% with the profanity/racial issues.

I have been a PC Gamer since the Commender Keen days and have seen it go through many changes. 5-10 years ago if you were a 20/30 year old game player you were branded a geek. Console's and Windows 95 helped change that and made games become more mainstream (don't like to admit the later but it's kinda true!) and game content grew up. Even as recent as the start of the Quake community, it was all friendly banter, you felt like you were a part of something fun & special. Even the best players back then were reasonably modest (well, the ones I knew were!).

But over the last year or two I've noticed the changes as well. The swearing, stupid names and general slagging off of people and the 'I'm the greatest, I know it all' attitude.

The other day was a good example, was playing CS (terrorist) picked a sniper rifle and defended the hostage base from the CT's (successfuly). Next thing I know, one guy just rips into me for being a 'fucking camping twat' etc etc. When I tactfully mentioned that this, actually, was the point of the game, he just carried on, trying to bait other people into joining in with him and get me kicked. I'm glad to see nobody did, but WTF!!

This has happened on several occasions now all I can say is GET A LIFE, IT'S ONLY A GAME!!!!

Jeez I'm just gonna sound like an old git now (30) but kids these days need to learn some values and respect. OK so we all swore when we were younger (still do) but we had enough sense and values to know when and where. If we did'nt it was a hand across the backside, something that is frowned upon nowdays.

Why not put up a warning on GameSpy Arcade (force it upon people to read!) that racial slures or swearing will not be tolerated. Any moderators spotting somebody being *consistently* profane or with an unacceptable name, ban them for 24 hours (longer if it's racial).

Short enough for them not to bother setting up another user but not long enough to never want to return.

Demonwench: Banning the player for 24 hours or so probably won't get them to stop being the bad bad person they are, but hey, if it ticks 'em off, I'm for it!

Pappy-R: I had a guy on a server I was admin of, who did nothing but use foul language no matter what he was trying to say. I asked him to stop since there were people on the server who didn't like it, and I got a big old "F U" back. The next words he typed must have been on another server because he was instantly banned. I still feel good about it.

From: Steve
Subject: Nice Rants

To Whom this may concern,

I just finished reading your opinions about using profanity in screen names. I totally agree that there is no need for it and that it is childish. I was in a game a couple days ago(Delta Force Land Warrior) where a person, IMHO took their screen name to a shocking low. He was using the name " Mr. Columbine ". As soon as I saw it my blood flashed over. Pure rage in heart and if I could have reached into the computer to strangle the guy I would have.

I was shocked at first that someone would have such a lack of respect and decency, that they would even used such a name. When I told him that I was offended by the name, he simply quipped "I finally get some positive feedback." You can't imagine the rage I felt. I told him he was probably some snot nosed punk if he lack the respect any decent person should have. He said he was 28. my reply was simply..."Then you don't have children." That one shut him up for a while. His next comment was "Get over it man." To which I immediately said, " ' Getting over it ' is what will lead to another one. I pray to God we NEVER get over it."

He left the server at the end of the game. I too left, I was in no mood to play anymore, and it took me several hours to calm down enough to sleep.

Any parent who watched the events unfold that day at Columbine, felt helpless, scared, stunned, etc. I myself, sat and cried while watching it on CNN.

Anyway........ That's just my 2 cents...

Demonwench: SNARL! I'm not surprised someone was using that name but it still makes me mad!! Anyone out there see this insensitive piece of scum, please frag him for me!!

Pappy-R:I love when people chime in to let you know that they are indeed "of consenting age" and still acting like a 12 year old who's mother isn't watching. As for the specific name used in this letter, could someone please explain one possible way that this is funny, clever or even slightly unobnoxious?

From: GearMeat
Subject: Rants and Raves: Precisely!

Good God! The people are seeing the light!

I'm glad to see that there's someone out there who's growing somewhat weary of the childish nature of the web/Quake community. I'm personally rather sick of the hive of illiteracy and just plain stupidity that it has become. If we want to be taken seriously by anyone other than our gaming brethren, then we should act as mature as possible, as we do in our regular lives. I'd love to see the application letter of one of these l33t gamers to a business:

"d00d i need a job reel bad i am a l33t hax0r and can doo kewl stuf so give me a job or [frag] you. la+er"

No-one... now, NO-ONE would ever write like that in real life. So why do it on the net? Why not take a little extra time to appear intelligent and poised by using correct grammer and spelling, and for Christ's sake, don't use numbers and mathematical symbols! What's next? The Greek alphabet?!? Copyright, registered and trademarked!?!

That's all I have to say. Now I'll just wait and see if anyone will listen.

Demonwench: Woohoo! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks l33+ speak is horribly dumb! And I agree with this guy. He's kewl!

Pappy-R:We 've covered "leet speak" so many times before that it's just beaten into the ground. Those that use it like a second language they learned in college probably don't know how or why it existed in the first place, but that use is over. I absolutely refuse to read that crap in e-mail I get.

From: Dudeman
Subject: Re: Nick Profanity

Nick profanity is GREAT! It gives you a nice plain and easy way of telling when someone isn't right in the head. The more offensive and profane the better. Some guy named "Nazihomobeater" getting on your nerves? Frag his dumbass and show him who's his better. Don't think your kids should see stuff like that? Turn it into a learning experience for him, "See son? This person is a complete moron, watch me shove a few rockets where the sun don't shine". When I see some person with an offensive name I just use it as more incentive to play better. If you whoop up on 'em hard enough they'll lose interest quite quickly and leave since they're too dumb to see playing against a better person as a way of bettering themselves(not that they care to better themselves anyway). "Gee son, I sure taught that racist homophobe not to be where he doesn't belong, didn't I?" "You sure did dad... you SURE did."

Demonwench: Hehehe! I concur, frag that slanderous moron! Keel them until they leave! HAHAHAR!

Pappy-R:So basically a butthead detection device. Well said Dudeman!

Demonwench: Wow, just about everyone agreed with the profane nicknames. There were so many responses that I've decided to spread it to the next page as well!

Next: The Feedback Continues.

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