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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | February 21, 1999

"WTF? You're meant to be in London!"

That's what I thought, until one of the guys running the event pointed out that it's actually next weekend. DOh! So you get a mailbag this weekend, but nothing much next weekend.

Eat, drink and be merry!

More Suckage

A second editorial on QuakeWorld, Quake II and Quake III Arena was posted this week - Hard And Fast took a more balanced look at the subject, pointing out the differences between the first two Quakes and how id might produce a coherent game that will keep everyone happy.

And of course we've had a whole sackload of mail about the subject since last week as well, so here's just a sample of the literally dozens of mails we've received...

(NOTE : I've had to do some pretty brutal cutting to keep some of these mails short enough to read before you die of heart failure)

From : Jonathan Mcgunnigle
Subject : Your all llamas

Are you all dumb or blind? you (yes almost all of you) act as though your QW or Q2 is the best gaming expierience in the world. Do you people relise that it's you opinion. Most people when doing something for a long time and then bam something else comes along and it's not "the same" you act as though its a Bad Thing (tm).

But some people will like this newer expirience more than the old one and people "share" their opinions and then you have another installment (ie: q3) and people say it should be how they like it, but what you dont realise is that we'll all end up playing it in the end.

It all depends on what your tastes for killin are but in the end all we all want to do is kill, just some people like to kill with speed while others want some realism and some want a combat simulation and there are some who want to play King-Kong vs Godzilla with RLs it all depends on you.

My point you may like one game and not another but really what it boils down to is you just want to cap some other dewd/chick in the ass.

From : Headstone
Subject : RE: Hard and Fast

Here, here. Pay attention to what Ted just said, and I think it can be summed up in two words. "Stop Whining!" The games are different, certain people like certain aspects of each game and usually play the game that they like the best. People will continue to play whatever game they like the best.

From : Triton
Subject : Q1 vs Q2

The arguement over Q1 vs Q2 is getting out of hand, in my opinion. I was raised on Q1, and I anticipated Q2 as much as anybody could. I don't see what the big deal about the slower rockets is, because I hardly use them. That's right, a Quaker player who spurns the RL. And I still dominate almost every LAN party I'm at. So don't feed me the rocket argument.

I don't really mind the slower weapon changes either. I think it adds a touch of realism to the game, and makes you conserve your ammo better. I found it annoying how you could make a guy waste all his cells trying to Shaft you, and then have him instantly nailing your ass to the wall. I prefer that little window of oppurtunity while he switches to something else.

I see Q1 and Q2 as having their own strengths and weaknesses. Q1 is faster paced and more involving, and possibly more rewarding in the end, and Q2 is more realistic, more strategic, and a lot nicer to look at.

From : Patrick Lee Irish
Subject : Hard and Fast Editorial

Finally someone just said it was personal taste. Amen to that! I was getting sick of editorials that favored one side. I love both games equally and switch whenever I get bored with one of them, so this article really was a breath of fresh air.

From : Descender
Subject : Just my 3 cents

I have read all of the arguments for and against Quake 2 and QuakeWorld, and I must say that some people don't realize that they are 2 different games. If id made Quake 2 with the same feel as the original quake, what would the point of re-releasing the same game?

QuakeWorld has a very fast, almost pure carnage feel to it, with bodies/body parts flying in every direction. This is GREAT for a fun exciting deathmatch experience. As for the weapon balance, I agree that the weapon selection for those that want to win is very limited, but this shouldn't take away from the fun of the game.

On the other hand, Quake 2 has a very sluggish feel to your movements, looking for a more realistic feel to your movements. Now personally I don't like this aspect of the game. It makes me feel like my movement is hindered when I try to strafe around someone or get out of a room as quick as possible.

Note I did not say that I don't like Quake 2. Quake 2 has a strategic balance to the weapons, and different weapons come into play at different times. The Rail-Gun is good for long range sniping, the Rocket Launcher still being the all-purpose weapon I believe, the machine guns when you don't have a better option, the BFG for room-clearing carnage, and the shotguns are very good for picking off those last few health points from a wounded soldier.

I would have to say that I like both games equally, and that I give them approximately the same amount of playing time. No I'm not one of those "johnny-come-lately's" that just started playing either game. i have been playing QW since its beginning and Quake 2 since the second day after it was in stores, and I have given each game its fair share or play time.

I like each game for different reasons, and which game I play depends on what kind of mood I'm in. If I'm looking for a fast-paced action-packed mad-house, then I fire up QuakeWorld. If I'm looking to out-smart other players and am up to having to use more skill than brute force, then I'll fire up Quake 2.

QuakeWorld and Quake 2 are very different games, and rightfully so. I'm glad id didn't just release a spicy-er Quake, because if the gameplay was the same, there would be no need to buy the second game. Quake 3 will have to be a game entirely in its own. If id tries to make it too much like either game (Quake 2 or QW), then they will lose the audience of the opposite field.

As for me... I would absolutely HATE to be in their position right now.

From : Matt Shook
Subject : QII, QW, Q3 (sick of these yet?)

Personally, I liked both QW and Q2, but I enjoy playing Q2 more. I like parts of QW, and can see where QW fans are coming from. If they like it better, that's fine by me; having fun is the whole point. But if Id had merely released QW with better graphics and called it Quake II (which was apparently what some people wanted) I would definitely not like Q2 at all. Developers need to push the envelope to keep a series worth playing.

It sounds like Id is doing just what they should with Q3. They are taking what worked from both Quake games (the awesome deathmatches, the basic weapon set of machine gun, shotgun, rocket launcher) learning from some mistakes in Q2 (like the slow weapon switching) and adding new things to hopefully make it even better (bounce pads, a totally reworked BFG).

Of couse only time will tell if I, or anybody else likes Q3 the best. It is obvious that some people will like QW or Q2 better. And Q3 has a lot of competition. It's going to have to win fans away from popular games that are already out like Tribes and Half Life. It's also going to have stiff competition from Unreal Tournament and Team Fortress 2.

There's no way Id can please everybody, and if they can get half of the Quake community to agree that Q3 is the best Quake ever, they will have done a good job. If they get half of whole FPS community to say it's the best thing out there (which I am hoping for, but doubt will happen), they will have created a classic.

From : Lord Kabal
Subject : Feedback on the last editorial

I read the editorial - "Hard and Fast" On my daily romp through PlanetQuake today, and I just have to say- KICKASS!

Ted J. Vessenes put stuff in comprehensible words that needed to be said.

One more thing I've noticed, though - is it just me? Or are you guys making the titles of your articles sicker? No offence, but "Hard and Fast" (as well as every "Dear Mynx" =) makes you look like you're starting to run PlanetPr0N or something.

Nah, it's just your dirty imagination. ;)

From : Brat
Subject : Both of Best Worlds

The Best of Both Worlds editorial made a lot of sense, but ultimately it comes down to how much fun it is to play Quake 2 versus Quakeworld rather than subjective reasoning.

The problem is not in the weapons or their balance or anything specific that can be explained point by point. It's just that they are simply two different games. Quake 2 is fun, but it doesn't do me like Quakeworld, even though I've been playing it almost daily for 6 months.

It's a matter of which environment you'd rather place yourself in, and for many that is the frenetic action of Quakeworld. I can also see why some people would like Quake 2 better, and the explanation of it's qualities in that editorial made total rational sense.

Quake 3 will be yet another different game... and I hope I'll like it as much as I do Quakeworld.

I'd just like to make it clear at this point that although I play almost entirely Quake II, I don't have anything against QuakeWorld. I prefer Quake II, but that's just down to personal taste - I don't have a problem with the fact that many people out there like QuakeWorld.

But it would be nice if certain QuakeWorlders would realise that there are also many people out there that prefer Quake II, and that if Quake III Arena is really QuakeWorld II then the community will stay split. Before it was QuakeWorlders sticking with QuakeWorld. This time it will be Quake II players sticking with Quake II.

You can't ignore Quake II players' opinions just because a few prominent members of the community prefer QuakeWorld and make sure that id is constantly under pressure to make another QuakeWorld instead of a game that truly marries the best points of both games, which I think is what most players would like to see. Neither game is better than the other, it's just that some people like one and some like the other.

Live with that and move on.

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