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    PQ | Features | Mailbag | Dec 31, 1999

PQ Mailbag
Week of: 12/31/99


This is it folks. To my knowledge, the last regular article to go up on PQ before the year 2000. This is pretty durned cool, is it not? I mean, you might not even be able to start up your computer tomorrow. You might not even be alive. But I'm not here to scare anyone. You have to come to my place if you want to be scared, but let's not go there. So here's the last Mailbag of 1999, enjoy!

A Jumble of Mumble

Not too much mail was recieved this week; I think the holidays might have something to do with it. So this week, expect a jumble of all sorts of different letters from schizophrenics and kleptomaniacs in regards to all the oh-so-important issues on their brooding minds.

From: The Black Titan
Subject: Why there should be a BassPlayer Model in Quake 3.

I was just thinking what a great idea it would be to add a model for a BassPlayer into quake 3. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than send a BassPlayer into the wild blue yonder with a BFG. It could have a dorky T-shirt and a silly glasses just for authenticity. Maybe in a future mod. What do you think.


Tausa Killaragu

Oh yes, it would make much sense to have a bass player model in Quake 3. Thank you for the fan-bloody-tastic idea, Tausa. I suppose that would be the model both Hellchick and I would have to use, as we are both bass players. Any modellers up for it? And make the bass shoot rockets! Authenticity? Ooh.. I'll get you.

[Editor's Note: Spyke will be barred from carrying out inside jokes with his little buddies in future editions of the Mailbag]

Hellchick: Hey, I'm not sure, but I think we bass players just got made fun of!

From: Dan
Subject: Q3:A question

I bought quake 3 and i love it. It's really cool. Not too many complaints. My question is about damage noises. Like, when you shoot someone it makes a noise to let you are hitting them. It's great for the machine gun cuz it lets you know if your actually doing anything to your target. Well, I was wondering if that noise was supposed to be a little beeping type noise, or if it is supposed to be a grunt or scream. Am I missing a sound file, or am I hearing the correct sound when I am shooting at someone? if i have the wrong sound, where can i get the correct one, and if it is the correct one, is there a place where i can get a replacement so it sounds cooler?


No, Dan, the sound you are hearing is completely correct and makes a helluva lot of sense if you think about it. Instead of hearing a scream, and trying to figure out where it came from, that little "beep"-like sound lets you know if your shot has hurt someone. It's fantastic, and helps you figure out how your aim is. Commendations to id for putting that in!

Hellchick: Does it sound like a clown honk to anyone else but me...?

From: Tom Haynes
Subject: Grappling

Spyke, Just wondering, Extremely new at this, but I have noticed, not like you can miss it but I've seen many players swooping around on a red lazer-like rope, How do you do that? I know (insert maniacal pity filled laughter here) but I can't seem to figure it out. would appreciate any help you could afford.

Hayto Frman

A red laser like rope? Yes, that would be the grapple, my friend. I assume you're playing Lithium. Um.. it's been a while since I played Quake 2, and the servers I played Lithium on didn't have grapple enabled. I think you just bind a key to "+use grapple" or something like that, I'm not too sure. Geez, I'm not much of a help, am I?

Hellchick: (scribbles a note to herself to have Spyke offed due to lack of usefulness.)

From: (address deleted)
Subject: Now that I have Q3A....

Alright! For Christmas I finally got what I wanted. Q3A!! Well now I figured out I don't have a 3-D Accelerator compatible with OpenGL. I have $90 to spend, and I am wondering which 3-D Accelerator would be the best for my cold hard christmas cash?

KameKami No Metsu (Turtle God of Destruction..)
San Francisco

$90? Okay, for $90 US funds, you could go with a few things. You could grab yourself a Voodoo 2 (or possibly 2) for that chunk of change.. or perhaps a Riva TNT. Or a Banshee.. or an i740.. or a Rage Pro.. But if you only have 90 bucks and want the best value, go for the TNT if you can get it. See, this is kinda hard for me to estimate, as I live in Canada. Oh Hellchick... :)

Hellchick: You're talking to someone who used a freakin' 4 MB Monster 3D until a month ago. Now I have a TNT2, but I didn't pay for it. So I guess I'm not much help either.

From: Sherrif Smits
Subject: I Need Your Help Guy!

Hey Since You Guys Are The Head Of Quake I Wuz Wondering If You Could Post My TF pak0.pak File For Me With The Tittle Quake Wars! Cuz It Would Help Me Alot On Distributing It! Thanks!! Just ICQ Me @ (ICQ number deleted), E-mail me (address deleted) Thx!! Micheal Christensen

Oh Yeah Dude, We Could Do That For You, Because Hey, We're The Head Of Quake! Just Upload Your Pak Yo Ftp.Cdrom.Com In The Right Directory, And Hell, We'll Even Put The Thing Up On FilePlanet For Ya! As For The "Tittle".. That Sounds Kind Of Obscene, So I Think We Might Stay Away From That. Other Than That, Follow The Instructions And You're Set!

From: The James'
Subject: Update

Update the POLL

Maybe we don't WANT TO. We don't have to do everything YOU SAY. Hellchick was gone ALL WEEK. She updates the POLL. So don't BUG ME. Bug HER.

Hellchick: The poll has been abducted by Bolivian terrorists who have threatened to kill a question every 24 hours if we don't meet their demands (a case of barbeque pork rinds and some Snapple). I'm currently in negotiations with them. The problem is that our poll's perl scripts aren't working right now. When they are, you'll get a new poll. I promise.

From: Ryan Janssen
Subject: Offensive Q3A?

What are you're thoughts on the anti-christian symbolism in Q3A? Personally, I consider myself to be a hard person to offend, and have never been a religious person. However, even I must admit that seeing a burning, inverted cross is somewhat disturbing, and can only guess what a devout catholic would think of this. Hintings of religion have been noted in many other games (Diablo comes to mind), however the only company who has blatantly, repeatedly thrown it into gamer's faces (eg. Doom, Q3A) seems to be ID software.

Does ID feel that the majority of their supporters are cultists? I'm afraid I don't understand how the addition of things like this makes a game more appealing to the public. Do you guys also feel that the time and resources spent including offensive material into the game could be used more productively?

I feel that this is one of the reasons video games have been blamed for violent actions of teens, as of late. I, of course, do not believe that this is the case, but do you feel that without the presence of symbols like this, that the media would not have as much of an argument against violent video games?

--Ryan J.

Yes! An intelligent letter! Well, personally my thoughts on this are that if you think you're going to be offended, don't buy the game. Religion is in people's faces everywhere, not just in video games, but on TV, and in all media. I don't understand why people think things like flaming goat's heads and crap like that is religious, or offending religious people, but then again i'm no Charlie Church. Cultists? Sorry dude, but that made me laugh out loud. id puts in what they want to make the game look like what they want. Used more productively? What, making Barney textures or something? Or how about Teletubbies? No, wait.. Tinky-Winky is gay. This relating to violence? Hardly. How can you say that these "anti-christian" symbols will spark violence? Religious violence? Satanists rising up and becoming violent against Christians? No way. The debate regarding violence is about realism, guns, and blood in games, and the motivation of gamers to kill things. Not some stupid pentagrams or flaming goat's heads. Lighten up.

Hellchick: I sacrifice goats to Odin, so maybe I'm not the best person to speak on this issue. But despite that fact, I'll go on to say that religious images have been in video games for a while now, and they've been in books and movies for a LOT longer than that. If they had any effect on someone's ability to differentiate between real and artificial violence, then we would have seen evidence of it long ago.

From: (address deleted)
Subject: doom comic

where do they sell that doom comic you guys read and how old is it?


Oh please, please tell me they don't sell the Doom comic book anymore.. It's pretty old dude.. Like about 4 years old if I remember correctly. Trust me dude, you don't want a copy.

On Page 2: Myriad Thoughts on a Plethora of Issues

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