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The PQ

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    PlanetQuake | The PQ Poll | 03/15/00

The PQ Poll: March 15, 2000
Got poll questions you think we should use? Email them to!

Now that id has said they're doing a Mission Pack for Q3A, what are you hoping to see in it?

Answer Votes
More models/bots. You can only enjoy a scantily clad Hunter for so long, you know?
More game variations based around teamplay
None of the above
More game variations based around DM
A totally new single-player kind of game

Fragmaster: New Unreal Tournament maps.
Fargo: Teamplay! Quake ain't single player, hell, even id says so.
Pappy-R: Jello...there's always room for Jello! And it can only be better if the MP is wrapped in bacon.mmmm...bacon!
Hellchick: That's it! An entire mod based around BACON! C'mon, it could work.
shaithis: I'm going to go with the majority and say "a single player game"... but that ain't real likely.
Lee'Mon: For all of my old-time fans that think I'm going to use the G-word... no. I'd rather see some fantastic models, cool maps, and some great new modes of play. Q3A rocks, and we all would love more of that Q-rific goodness. Hopefully, a good id mission pack will get the UT fans off our backs once and for all...
Tetsuo!: I envision this mission where you are a piece of bacon trying desperately to locate your lost companions, Ms. Lettuce and Ms. Tomato. Upon finding them you colonize the New World by making bacon bits.

Spyke: Porn. Lots of porn. I plan on sending bags of small, unmarked, nonsequential bills to Kenneth Scott to get him to do up a ton of nekkid skins. That and chickens.

How many hours per day do you spend playing Quake (any of the three)? (submitted by Paul Drude)

Answer Votes
An hour or less. You see, there's this thing called life...
2-3 hours. I've got other things to do, but Quake is pretty important.
3-6 hours. Who needs a job?
More than 6 hours. I've perfected a finely honed biological sustainment system that allows me to sleep, eat, and Quake all at the same time.
I don't play at all, and consequently don't know why I'm here in the first place.

Fragmaster: Almost never because I'm too busy playing crappy Japanese PS2 games.
Fargo: Wow, the shortest answer won. That kinda scares me. What, are you all growing up? Bitches.
Pappy-R: Playing Q3A is under an hour a day *sniffle*, but testing Quake related things runs into heavy time.
Hellchick: Sadly, I'm too busy running PQ to get more than an hour in per day. However, once I get that DSL at home, THAT will change.
shaithis: I play Excessive a couple of times a week.
Lee'Mon: Play Quake? About an hour. Eat, breathe, sleep, drink, sing, love, and be Quake? About eighteen months running.
Tetsuo!: Let’s see – ‘an hour or less’… ‘2 to 3 hours’… I play about 1 to 2 hours a day – I’m getting worked here!

Spyke: An hour or less, unfortunately. I wish I had more time, but there's this thing called "life". You may have heard of it. School takes a lot of my time. And pimpin'. Cause you know, pimpin' ain't easy!

What kind of connection do you play Q3A on?

Answer Votes
56.6 modem. One of these days, my rockets will make it to their targets.
Cable modem - I may be at the bottom of the LPB pool, but I'm still there.
DSL - I cannot be bothered with mere tens of KBs.
ISDN - I frag when the boss isn't around.
T1 - I frag when the boss is around and whip his ass while I'm at it.
I don't play Q3A online.

Fragmaster: Same as the other GameSpy chumps. Hello, snack hoarder.
Fargo: Go go gadget Broadband revolution!
Pappy-R: Cable, which sometimes equates into a brutal 33.6 connect. Can I go back to "the office" again?
Hellchick: T1, baby. I've got bandwidth coming out of, wall.
shaithis: I am on the same LAN as our Excessive server. Welcome to your worst nightmare, bitches!
Lee'Mon: College T1. Which reminds me... spyke, we still need that zero-ping duel after what you did in The Gauntlet...
Tetsuo!: At work, T1. At home, ADSL which can also be referred to as ABSL (Asynchronous Bacon Subscriber Line).
Spyke: Gee, Lee'Mon, it appears my DSL got cancelled, so I'm back to my 2400 baud modem. My previous three answers have taken 10 minutes each to get to Hellchick, and the PQ page itself took almost 2 hours to load. So I won't be playing you anytime soon.

What did you think of the pictures Steed showed at the GDC of the models in the upcoming mission pack?

Answer Votes
They're great and look pretty badass!
They're okay - nothing we really haven't seen already.
They're okay, but I hope to see something better when the pack comes out.
It's still too early to form an opinion.

Lee'Mon: Spoogeriffic... The new contenders should be able to layeth the smacketh down as well as the rest of the Q-crew.
Fragmaster: I think there will be four things.
Fargo: I thought Fritzkrieg kicked ass. That's the German dude with the laser for an eye.
Pappy-R: The pics were cool and managed to punch a hole in our Saturday plans, right Hellchick?
Hellchick: Yes, the ONE time that Pappy-R and I are in the same place, enjoying the sun at the Irvine Spectrum on a Saturday afternoon, and Steed releases the pics. Dammit, Steed -- it's called a life, you should try it sometime.
shaithis: Pretty cool. Kenn Scott is a god. Steed's pretty damn good too.
Tetsuo!: There were no bacon models, which was the only glaring oversight. Otherwise, good job.
Spyke: They were pretty good, but Lee'Mon has no right to use the phrase "layeth the smacketh down". If you can't do the voice, you can't use the phrases. And I can do the voice, believe me.

If you could be one of the following Q3A bots in real life, which would you be?

Answer Votes
Sarge. It's all about the stogie.
Biker. It's my ultimate dream to be an overweight, out-of-shape, balding man weilding a rocket launcher on a Harley.
Orbb. I could frighten my way through long lines at the movie theater.
Mynx. It's the red hair.
Klesk. I've got a secret fascination with cross-dressing as an alien.
None of the above, there's just too many to choose!

Fragmaster: I would be Visor, because I would love to walk around all day with a piece of toast embedded into my face.
Fargo: Ssss. kkk... CAMPER! SSssss!
Pappy-R: Tank Jr. Baby! Hydraulics rule!
Hellchick: I'd have to say Major, because she can do that cool ballerina thing in the air when she jumps. I'd like to be able to do that at random moments in the GameSpy offices.
shaithis: Xaero, maybe... not because he's a badass fighter, but because that third arm thing has got to come in handy.
Lee'Mon: Doom, baby. The original badass. Hey, Klesk looks like an Imp that had a bad run-in with a pincushion. [gestures] Here, piggy, piggy, piggy...
Tetsuo!: Uh, you know that really hot chick model? 'Cause... uh... I would never have to leave the house and stuff...
Spyke: Mynx. For sure. I am the world's biggest sucker for red hair. *Drool*

So, about Carmack...boxers or briefs?

Answer Votes
Oh, please, he is SO a boxers man.
C'mon, he's a geek - that reeks of briefs.
This is what happens when Hellchick can't think of any good poll questions.

Fragmaster: POOP... POOP... ON YOU! (This is what happens when I can't think of any good poll comments)
Fargo: Carmack needs no undergarments.
Pappy-R: Since I'm not sure he EVER stops thinking about code, I think he wears whatever Anna hands him.
Hellchick: Hmm. 1017 people are indeed correct.
shaithis: I'll file this one under "I'm pretty sure I not only don't care, but actively don't want to know"
Lee'Mon: Damn. I leave for a week, and all the inspiration goes RIGHT out the window. Since this question deserves no real joke, I'll recycle one. [raises fists into air] I AM CARMACK!!!
Tetsuo!: Free-baller for sure.

Spyke: I think he just lost all respect for Hellchick (as if he had any in the first place) for even bringing up this subject. Hey, let's talk about Hellchick's undergarments!


Who are these people anyway?

Hellchick is the PQ Site Director, or at least has convinced her friends that she is.
Pappy-R is PQ's News Jockey and Part-time Table Dancer.
Spyke does the PQ in Review, the PQ Mailbag, and your girlfriend.
Lee'Mon writes articles and editorials for PQ, which means he's really into finding things to complain about.
shaithis is a former PQ Site Director who now spends his days running and sharpening the spikes on the top of his cubicle. You think we're kidding.
Fragmaster also used to run PQ, and now manages and the console section of the GameSpy network. He also enjoys the occasional potted tuna.
Fargo has been around since the beginning of PQ. He's been known to camp everything, including the poll.
Tetsuo is the guy behind the curtain -- he's one of GameSpy's original tech guys that does programming stuff beyond the capacity of mere mortals.


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