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The PQ

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The PQ Poll: June 14, 2000
Got poll questions you think we should use? Email them to!

Which of the Quake series did you play first?

Answer Votes
Quake 2 - I got my feet wet in Strogg waters.
I haven't played any of them. In fact, I'm not even sure why I'm here.
Quake 1 - I'm old school! In fact, when I played back then, I had to walk uphill both ways in Abandoned Base, in 5 feet of snow...
Quake III Arena - I'm a newbie...but give me time...

Mynx: Quake 1, baby. The qtest era was the happiest time of my life. Oh, memories.
Hellchick: Quake 1! [whaps Fargo with her walker, mistaking him in her senility for the Shambler.]
Pappy-R: Start at the beginning. Quake 1, Classic Quake used to just be called Quake. (/me goes off to cuddle a Shambler)
Spyke: Quake 1! I remember going to Radio Shack and picking up the last copy they had there; I was thrilled. Then I went home and played it, and it gave me nightmares. I was convinced it was evil.
Fargo: Quake 1 [Shoots lightning from his hands and eviscerates Hellchick, mistaking himself for the Shambler.]
Lee'Mon: Twenty-six of you are the saddest people I know. Sixty-eight of you better grab a copy of Q1 or Q2 fast...
L33t'M0n: Quake 1! [Eats a fireball]
shaithis: Quake 1, of course. I think that's a prerequisite for any PQ site director (which I was for a short time, remember).

Do you overclock your computer?

Answer Votes
No, I'm afraid I'll break something.
I've thought about it, but been too afraid to try it.
Of course! You're not a real gamer if you don't.
No, because I've never needed to.
What's overclocking?

Hellchick: I've never overclocked my system because I'm afraid I'll screw something up. I have, however, overclocked myself. I now run approximately 2.4 cycles faster than the rest of the world.
Mynx: We were running a celery 300a clocked to 450, for like a year. All sorts of overheating and crashing wackiness ensued, so we "upgraded" to a pentium 550, and haven't had a problem. Oh, and boobies.
Pappy-R: I fry food, not CPU's.
Spyke: I would be one of the "I'm afraid I'll break something" people.
Fargo: I'm afraid to turn my computer on. I get my friends to help me install RAM. I need the manual to plug in a network cable. There are too many buttons on my keyboard, each one has its own letter -- the hell I'm overclocking my system!
Lee'Mon: I overclocked my power supply to double as a security grid.
L33t'M0n: I overclocked Lee'Mon's computer after he overclocked his power supply. Are PCs supposed to melt through the earth's core like that?
shaithis: At home, yeah, but I'm sort of tired of it. Heat, crashing... like mynx said. Next system I buy will just be a normal chip running at its expected speed.

So, do you miss the grappling hook at all? (submitted by Niptlar)

Answer Votes
Hell no! I would have never though about it again had you not brought it up.
Yes, but I make do okay with the loss. A game of Quake 2 CTF or Lithium will satisfy my grappling monkey needs.
I haven't acquired Quake III Arena.
Not really. The construction of Quake 3 CTF levels has shown that the grappling hook is not necessary for great gameplay.
Dammit, I've been so upset that I have found or made my own mods or custom levels just so that I could use the hook again.
What's a grappling hook?

Mynx: I hated the grappling hook. May it rot in hell.
Hellchick: I'm such a freakin' klutz with the grapple. By the time I've fumbled enough with it to grapple myself into a high corner where I'm facing THE WALL and can't shoot anything, someone's fragged me with A BLASTER. It's embarrassing.
Pappy-R: I like groping alot more than grappling.
Spyke: I could care less about the grappling hook. It was fun to play Tarzan, but other than that, it would sux0r in Q3CTF.
Fargo: I thought the grapple was fun, but it made it really hard to design interesting levels. All CTF levels just became a series of big rooms with grapple-points instead of any sort of terrain with obstacles and strategy.
Lee'Mon: It was cute, but it's over. CTF != the grapple.
L33t'M0n: I only used it as a weapon. I particularly liked the ones that continued to hold on to the person... latch on, move in, and give'em a patented SSG Bear Hug(tm).
shaithis: From normal DM? No, I suppose not. For railmatch DM, it's imperative.

Now that Steed is gone from id, do you think the model quality will suffer in future id games?

Answer Votes
No. I never thought Steed's models were the best.
I hadn't really put any thought into it.
Yes. Steed is the best modeler there is. The models in id games will never be the same.
Maybe. Steed was good, but if there are better modelers out there, id will find them.
45.1% mean like Heidi Klum, right?

Mynx: I may never get over this, I am permanently traumatized. How could this announcement come at the same time as the Doom thing? It's like, "here, we're going to give you a million dollars, but me hack off your legs and sodomize you with this splintery treestump first".
Hellchick: [weeps over the very-nearly-finished Hellchick model]
Pappy-R: No more digital boobies?
Spyke: I'm sure id will find another good modeler. Steed was great, but someone else will come along.
Fargo: [Weeps over the splintery treestump flashback]
Lee'Mon: There's high-quality modellers out there, but id femme fatalles will never be the same again.
L33t'M0n: Given Lucy, that might just be a good thing.
shaithis: If anyone can afford to find another modeler of Steed's calibre, id can. It's still unfortunate though. I always thought his style fit the games well.

You're trapped on a deserted island and can only have one the three Quakes with you. Which one do you choose?

Answer Votes
Quake 1. A great single player game will keep me company!
Quake III Arena. I never get tired of bots!
Quake 2. I'm more of a Strogg fan, myself.

Mynx: Hell, I don't even need the full ver. Give me qtest, and someone to beatdown (joost will do, I think) and a grass skirt. There, I'm happy.
Hellchick: Does Joost get to wear the grass skirt?
Pappy-R: Since I still play bots in Quake III and hit the single player games of Quake 2 and Quake to this day, I cannot answer this one without triggering a self destruct command in my head. Is it warm in here?
Spyke: Q3A, so I can continue the pw33ning with all the bots. I figure that under those conditions, I could eventually beat Xaero on Nightmare.
Fargo: I would answer, but I'm speechless because I cannot think about anything else but being trapped on a desert island with Hellchick and Mynx both wearing nothing but grass skirts. [A long, slow, tendril of drool slowly makes its way out of Fargo's open mouth.]
Lee'Mon: Ew, drool. [calls] MAINTENANCE!
L33t'M0n: Damn. Fargo stole my line.
shaithis: Ugh... I hope not, Hellchick.

Carmack and Romero in a wrestling ring wearing Mexican wrestling costumes. Who wins?

Answer Votes
Carmack. He'd just code Romero into a half-nelson without lifting a finger.
Romero. That hair does more than just look pretty, you know?
The public! It's all about the neon spandex.
No one. It's all about the neon spandex.

Mynx: My two year old just said "John Yoyero and Daitanana yives in TEEKSAS!"
Hellchick: 4 out of 10 people agree: Carmack and Romero in spandex would be the downfall of the entire gaming industry.
Pappy-R: No offence here, but Romero and Carmack wrestling is NOT what I'd call a real spectator sport. You can't make me watch!
Spyke: Now you've done it. You know I'm a wrestling fan, so you're going to get a real answer here. Carmack's lighter, so he wins after the tope con hilo and the hurricanrana from the top rope. And then Romero loses his hair!
Fargo: [drools into a puddle of increasing diameter.]
Lee'Mon: Can someone PLEASE get a mop in here?!?
L33t'M0n: Between the spandex and drool, I think I'm going to be sick. Can I go back into the dungeon now?
shaithis: I can't express in words my disgust... oh, the horror.


Who are these people anyway?

Hellchick is the PQ Site Director, or at least has convinced her friends that she is.
Pappy-R is PQ's News Jockey and Part-time Table Dancer.
Spyke does the PQ in Review, the PQ Mailbag, and your girlfriend.
Lee'Mon writes articles and editorials for PQ, which means he's really into finding things to complain about.
shaithis is a former PQ Site Director who now spends his days running and sharpening the spikes on the top of his cubicle. You think we're kidding.
Fragmaster also used to run PQ, and now manages and the console section of the GameSpy network. He also enjoys the occasional potted tuna.
Mynx is our resident advice expert, knowledgeable about all sorts of topics that the rest of us are just too scared to touch.
Tetsuo performs miracles that mere mortals cannot understand as part of the tech team at GameSpy. He also really likes bacon. Even more than Hellchick.
Fargo has been around since the beginning of PQ. He's been known to camp everything, including the poll.


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