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The PQ

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PQ Poll
Got poll questions you think we should use? Check out the Guide to Poll Questions and use the snazzy form to submit one!
— by PQ Staff

If id Software were to ever go out of business, what would you do? [submitted by Mekoryuk]

Impossible! They will always be a profitable company!
Eh. Life goes on.
I'll laugh at them.
I'll curl up in my sock drawer to cry, and I won't come out for days!
E-mail everyone at the company to try and get the Doom 3 / Quake4 / other amazing-sparkly engine released under the GPL.
Donate my life savings in hopes it will be enough to continue onward!
Journey to their vacant offices in Texas to pay my respects. That land will forever be hallowed ground.

Pappy-R: No id Software huh? K, g'night!
a madman: "kthxbye?" I'm thinking pilgrimage, myself.
Jube: I'd curl up in Pappy's sock drawer and cry. He probably has a mini-LAN in there, so at least I'll have some computer comfort.
IceStorm: Well since businesses come and go constantly I'd only wonder where they went wrong.
HellChick: I'd realize that Armageddon was scheduled the following week and promptly run and hide.
Mr. Lake: Gray Matter Studios takes over as worlds greatest software company (after we harvest Carmack's brain and begin the cloning process).
CrioKnight: Life existed before Id. Even though the quality of life was poor. I had way too much time on my hands. Resorted to taking piano lessons and origami classes, ballet, nevermind. I guess life would go on... barely.

If you had three wishes, which set would you pick? [submitted by PQ]

Quake IV + Top of the line gaming rig + Sex in this lifetime.
Quake IV + Tenebrae 2 + Year's supply of Mountain Dew & Cheetos.
Quake IV + A hot bod + A new sports car.
Quake IV + Health + Happiness.
Quake IV + A fridge full of beer + A job in the gaming industry.

Pappy-R: The one with Quake 4 and the beer and the job. Mmmm...Job!
a madman: Health and happiness - because the job, the rig, the liquor, and the sex would make me happy. Yes, I'm cheating.
Jube: Screw health and happiness, I'm going with the Q4, new computer, and sex option! Of course my new rig will also double as a fridge full of beer.
IceStorm: Quake 4 gaming rig and sex while covered in peanut butter
HellChick: Hmm, I've got the job in the industry, and I'm married so that answers the sex question. Which means that...I'll take "Quake IV + hot bod + sports car" for 200, Alex!
Mr. Lake: Quake IV + A job in the gaming industry + Sex in this wishes weren't foolishly wasted.
CrioKnight: Can someone throw some beer into the 1st choice. How bout having sex in this lifetime on top of the top of the line gaming rig while playing Quake IV and having John Carmack video tape it. Talk about fantastic options. (I hope he doesn't see this.) :)

Which group would you rather be stranded on Stroggos with? [submitted by PQ]

Mappers: Mr. Lake, ztn, DaZ and [Kona], maybe they can map a way off the planet!
PQ IRC Gang: Skeezix, Gleeb, irby and Black_Baron, useless as tits on a bull but they make a mean margarita.
The SDA Crew: Morfans, Stubby and Radix, free donkeys! Unfortunately if they get hungry then you ARE dinner since they can outrun you (well, maybe not Morfans).
Coders: painQuin, FrikaC, Zoid and Warden, at least they can code in some beer and boobies!
The Pros: Fatal1ty, Thresh and ZeRo4, you can sell the demos if you ever escape back to Earth.

Pappy-R: But I already feel stranded with these people! Help me Gilligan!
a madman: I think I'd go for coders - that might include Carmack, and I hear he's also a rocket scientist nowadays. I'm getting out of there, suckers!
Jube: Eeep. I have to pick the SDA Crew... they're already plotting their revenge against me for submitting this poll question, I don't want to piss them off further!
IceStorm: Ummm, tough one. I'll go with beer and boobies. You'll still die, but who'd care at that point?
HellChick: the coders, because I'd expect them to find an exploit in the situation so we could get out.
Mr. Lake: Hey, I ain't gonna be stranded on no planet without my man Hal9000...he can like, build an escape rocket out of small pebbles or shoot things.
CrioKnight: The only people I could actually relate to would be the inhabitants of an IRC channel of course. Plus the fact that Margaritas are involved, screw it, thatıs a recipe for a good time. Computer nerds and Tequila!! w00t!

Which mode of game play is priority number one for you in Quake 4?

Free For All Deathmatch
Capture the Flag
New modes of game play
Single Player

Pappy-R: Single player, multiplayer and then co-op, and I want all three or I'm gonna throw stuff at Jube again.
a madman: "The one where you can run over people in a tank." Seriously, more games need that option.
Jube: If it's got flags then I'm happy. Although co-op would be nice as well.
IceStorm: Single player and CTF
HellChick: I'm most looking forward to the single player game, myself. I loved Quake 2, loved the whole Strogg thing, and now I can't wait to see it in that beautiful engine.
Mr. Lake: What? No built in Rocket Arena 4?!?
CrioKnight: I would have to say that the capture the flag mode would be important just for the sake of argument. We know that all most of these modes will be included. How bout a strip mod. Shoot the clothes and armor off of Lucy and the rest of the fraggin chicks from Quakes past.

Thoughts on QuakeCon 2003? [submitted by PQ]

Better than previous years!
Same as previous years.
Better in previous years.
Didn't go, don't care.
Didn't go, but coverage was decent.
Didn't go, I'll be there for sure next year!

Pappy-R: Didn't make it and I'm sorry I didn't. It sounded like it rocked, and I may even get over not going if Jube ever sends me my shirts!
a madman: I didn't like the location nearly as much - no smoking patio, no convenient bars, and no Trail Dust (ahh, the memories...). Other than that, thumbs-up.
Jube: Went, can't compare to past years so I'll just say it once again... not enough guys in thongs. Not that guys in thongs are sexy... but the comic relief would not have gone amiss.
IceStorm: Worse then other years, too commercialized this round. But the BYOC was sick!
HellChick: BETTER!
Mr. Lake: Didn't go, but got my (now covetted) Threewave T-shirt. In the end, I just want everyone to know what team I was on.
CrioKnight: Best one EVER! (1st one for me, is that fair for me to say? Plus I got to meet the Jube. Hmm, pony tails...)

Quake 4 should have... [submitted by ]{ami]{aze]

Quake himself, who else would the unknown hero of tomorrow need to spank.
20 weapons, I feel the need to kill everyone diferently
A Pappy vs Jube mini movie as a bonus
An end cinematic where you are blessed by the gods themselves, The Old school Id Software dudes!
Optional naked Strogg skins...YuK!

Pappy-R: All that stuff and more! Well, we can skip that thing about Jube and I without a worry.
Jube: Hrm, naked Strogg. *gets visuals* That reminds of the naked QuakeGuy skins I used to see running around on QW servers. Always made me chuckle.
IceStorm: I kinda like the Pappy-R vs Jube thing. Can I pick the weapons?
HellChick: I vote for the end cinematic. Remember shooting them in Quake 2?
Mr. Lake: I don't know if you really want to give the artists at Raven that kind of freedom.
CrioKnight: An end cinematic would be cool. I would want the Old School Id software dudes in naked strogg skins. Dancing on poles and taking tips from an army of sarges. Whoa! Good thing I just woke up, that dream was definitely going in the wrong direction. Phew!
a madman: Wow, we got through a week without mention of "boobies!" ....!

Who are these people, anyway?

Pappy-R is the PlanetQuake Site Director and ensures that all the coolness on PQ that happens, happens.
a madman is the official PQ Content Manager, and when he's not doing that he's insulting people in the Mailbag. It's a good job.
Jube runs the morning shift around here, and posts more news before 9 am than most people do all day.
IceStorm takes care of two things for us - news, and PQ's "excess beer" problem.
Hellchick gave up a promising career in the exciting field of astrophysics to make a job out of playing Quake. Mr. Lake is the creative director over at Lake's Digital Arts. We keep him in a cage and poke him with sticks until he makes maps. Then we poke him again. CrioKnight is the first-ever winner of a guest spot in the Poll from answering the daily quote questions! He likes Quake, 19th century poetry, and long walks on the beach.

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