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Downloads for FortressFest 97:

Please note that these Downloads are no longer up to date as of December, 1997...
Here's the place to go to get your FortressFest survival gear. All the maps and programs you'll need are right here--Installing TeamFortress is pretty painless, so just follow the steps below and you should be all set!

Downloading and Installing TeamFortress (4.7MB)

Find a mirror site closest to you and click on a link to grab the TF installer package:

U.S. Mirrors: International Mirrors:
TeamFortress Minnesota
TeamFortress Ohio
TeamFortress New York

Note that the mirrors may not all be up to date--use the CDRom link if you're getting a file not found error.
TeamFortress United Kingdom
TeamFortress Australia
TeamFortress Denmark
TeamFortress Sweden
TeamFortress Finland
TeamFortress Austria
TeamFortress Portugal
TeamFortress Greece
TeamFortress South Africa

Once you've downloaded the file, simply click on it and an installation program will walk you through the process. Now that you've got the program, you'll need the maps.

Downloading and Installing FortressFest Map Pack (9.6MB)

The Map Pack is a hefty download, but it contains the cream of the TeamFortress map crop (see below for a list of contents). The pack comes as a self-extracting .zip file that will automatically place the maps and the .mdl files in the correct directory--it's definately much easier than downloading and installing each map individually, and once it's installed you'll be able to play in most of the FortressFest events. Find a mirror closest to you:

U.S. Mirrors: International Mirrors:
FortressFest Map Pack
FortressFest Map Pack Minnesota
FortressFest Map Pack Ohio
FortressFest Map Pack New York

Note that the mirrors may not all be up to date--use the CDRom link if you're getting a file not found error.
FortressFest Map Pack United Kingdom
FortressFest Map Pack Australia
FortressFest Map Pack Denmark
FortressFest Map Pack Sweden
FortressFest Map Pack Finland
FortressFest Map Pack Austria
FortressFest Map Pack Portugal
FortressFest Map Pack Greece
FortressFest Map Pack South Africa

To install the map pack, just double-click on the file after you've downloaded it. It will ask you where your Quake directory is; be sure to give it the right directory or else all the files will go to the wrong place! Note that we forgot to include the SpazBall map--see below.

Individual TeamFortress Maps (Including SpazBall)

If you'd like to download and install the maps separately, or if you already have several maps installed and just want to pick up the ones you don't, here's a list of downloads. Note that we goofed and forgot to include SpazBall in the map pack, so if you want to participate in the SpazBall games you'll have to download this map individually (it's worth it. :)

Individual TeamFortress Maps (from or Others)
spaz4 (The SpazBall Map)

Hwhell1 (HWGuy map!)

If you download the maps individually, please note that many maps (such as SpazBall, Rock, or Braveheart) require you to move the .mdl files into the quake/fortress/progs directory. Please see each map's individual readme file for information. If you're confused, just use the full map pack install from above.

Downloading and Using GameSpy

The easiest way to find TeamFortress games on the net is with GameSpy, the Universal Gaming Network! Simply head over to the GameSpy website and follow the download links for more information. Once GameSpy is installed, all you need to do is launch the program and click on the "id fortress" master server (at the left hand side of your window.) GameSpy will automatically show you all the TF games going on. Double-click on a server and it will launch TeamFortress Quake--you're in a game as easy as that!

Downloading and Using IRC

If you're a registered user of GameSpy, you can access the built-in GameSpy chat client to get onto IRC. (GameSpy registrations are $20, and you'll get a lifetime of free updates and upgrades.) If not, you don't have to miss out on IRC FortressFest events. Download an IRC program such as Mirc and follow the instructions for getting started. The FortressFest channel is located on the server, port 6667, on channel #fortfest. You can also find general TeamFortress help on #teamfortress.

That should be everything you need to get started! Happy downloading, and enjoy FortressFest 97!

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