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Sat Jan 24, 1998

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Title: Politika
Developers: Red Storm
Genre: Turn Based Strategy
Release Date: Finished

Page 1: A Politikal Overview
By: Evan Jones

Tom Clancy is a best selling author of fictional novels about war, some of which have been turned into movies. His latest venture was to form his own gaming company with the help of Virtus. He wanted to call the company Patriot Games, but that name is copyrighted by Paramount because of the movie. Tom Clancy's game company is Red Storm Entertainment, and their first product, Politika, shows lots of promise for the new developer.

The story takes place in a near future Russia, one where Boris Yeltsin has died and has left no clear successor. Eight different political factions, from the KGB to the separatists, are fighting to control the country. Your goal is to lead one of these factions and become President. Gaining control over Russia is not a military struggle; instead these parties are working within Russia's new democratic system to gain the power they desire. So to control Russia, you must gain more influence over the people then your opponents. He who is the smartest, sneakiest, and luckiest will lead.

Politika is a computer board game, where you move your two pieces between the different regions of Russia on the board in an attempt to gain the support of the public in that region, which is represented by three influence tokens which can controlled by any faction. The more influence tokens one side controls in a specific region, the harder it is to lose those tokens to your opponents. Each region gives money to the parties that have influence there, which represents taxes on production. Some regions produce more than others, making them more valuable to control. The winner is the player that has the most influence tokens at the end of the game.

Page 2: How is Politika Different?
Page 3: The Review

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