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Wed Sep 09, 1998

The Newest

Wednesday, September 09, 1998 5:47:03 PM
The first question and answer article has been edited and posted to the Future of Gaming. Another question is already on its way! Keep on sending those questions my way at

Friday, August 21, 1998 2:51:57 PM
Boy, has it ever been a long time!

School will be starting up again soon, and my full time summer job will be winding down. Unfortunately, I am starting to lose interest in maintaining the Future of Gaming. However, I have created a new section, Questions and Answers, which I will continue to maintain. There I will answer all of your questions on games and technology that you can ask me.

Anyways, thank you for reading the Future of Gaming! I have had a great time producing this little site, and I am sorry to see it go.

April 22, 1998 9:24:50 AM
Unfortunately, I do not have much time to work on the Future of Gaming at the moment. I have just started a new part time job that is eating up my time and I am still going to school. It will be a while before I can get back to work here.

The Future of Gaming Action Plan:

  • Polish the new section
  • Tweak the site layout
  • Learn more about programming Windows
  • Write 1 more article
  • Get ASP activated for the Future of Gaming
  • Look for related sites

April 5, 1998 11:00:40 AM
This site has been neglected for a long time. I was involved in a web design project for a while which absorbed a large amount of my time, and I also have just not wanted to work on the site. I hope to get some minor design tweaks done some time this month, however.

March 8, 1998 4:10:06 PM
The new section has finally been completed: Gaming Briefs. Gaming Briefs has short little articles about games, hardware and trends that I don't feel qualify a full article but need some sort of mention. Many of these briefs may evolve into full articles eventually. There is a lot of work to be done. Links and screenshots need to be added, the articles need to be revised and other boring tasks like that. I plan on polishing the section over the next few weeks.

This concludes my unproductive week of web work. Between learning Paint Shop Pro 5, doing some research on stuff and a variety of other small tasks there was very little time for actual work on my web site. Things still move forward...

March 6, 1998 7:50:52 PM
The 3D Accelerators article has been updated with the recent release of Voodoo2 video cards. I will continue to update it as new cards are released.

I have finished my new section. It is will be been posted in a rough form but will be polished over the next few days. I learned yesterday that ASP is not activiated on all Planetquake accounts, so I have emailed the guy who is in charge of Planetquake technology to see if I might be able to get ASP activated for what I want to do. I'll keep you posted.

March 1, 1998 9:03:48 PM
I just finished a good solid week of programming, and now I plan to do a good solid week of web work for a change. That will include finishing the new section I have half created and playing around with some layout stuff and that kind of thing. So stay tuned for some more updates. Check back on Friday, I should have something new up by then.

February 19, 1998 5:41:49 PM
I briefly updated the 3D Accelerators article clarifing my position on the best 3D accelerators to buy. I also added some new links to the 3D Accelerators and the HTML Gaming articles.

I have made some good progress on my new section and it is shaping up well. After I get enough real content there I will have to spend some time playing around with the layout to figure out a navigation system. This new section has taken priority over my next article.

February 16, 1998 11:28:26 AM
I have just finished rewriting my article on HTML Gaming. It has been updated with some neat examples of what people are doing with the latest HTML technologies and their uses in computer gaming.

Next on my list of things to do is to write yet another new article. I would like to get that done, but I do not think it will. I would also like to play around with using ASP for my site, so I would like to create a test template and article for that. I am also working on my new section, and it will not be done in the next two weeks like I thought it would be. It might be up within the month.

February 12, 1998 10:28:11 AM
My Cable Modem article has been updated with my impressions on this technology. It has also been split into 3 pages and has been lengthened a bit. Hope you like it.

I am going to be going away over this long weekend so I won't be able to improve my web site as much as I would like. I am still hoping to get that HTML gaming article done in the next two weeks. I have already begun work on my next section as well.

February 9, 1998 8:32:38 PM
Kick some ASS!

I am now on a cable modem thanks to my local cable provider, Shaw Cable. It is just amazingly fast, and there is no going back anymore. Anyhow, I'll update my Cable Modem article later, right now it is time to be a low ping bastard in Quake. Whee! If you see Vulture-X kicking your ass, be sure to swear at him about his low ping, or if you are kicking his ass, make fun of him!

February 8, 1998 10:28:11 AM
The old Java and Dynamic HTML Gaming article has now been converted into a 5 page Java Gaming article. I ran it through the spell checker this morning and announced it on the PlanetQuake front page. Next on my list: get the HTML Games half of that article done.

I have a better idea for a new section then my old idea was. The next new section should be up pretty soon because it will be easy for me to create and maintain. I would like to think that it will show up sometime over the next two weeks, but I am not promising anything.

January 24, 1998 10:42:29 AM
I recently edited my Related Sites page to include Anand's excellent Hardware Tech Page. It is one of my research resources for my hardware articles, and a good source for the latest happenings in the hardware world.

I am currently assigning some of my free time towards splitting the Java and Dynamic HTML Gaming articles into two seperate articles, one on Java games, and another on HTML games. It will take me a while to do the editing and to add some additional nessecary details.

On the personal front, my time continues to be squashed with numerous time constraints. I am still busy learning how to program Windows, which is a very slow process. I have also just started my second semester of school, but it is looking to be less work than last semester, so hopefully I can make some progress on my site.

January 24, 1998 10:42:29 AM
I revamped the look of the site today. I got rid of all the cheezy graphic banners. It lowers load times, looks more consistant, and is just all around better.

January 21, 1998 3:44:50 PM
Another minor update. The 3D Accelerator article has been updated with the latest happenings in that industry and a replacement of the PowerVR as my bargain card choice.

I finished two exams today, and I have decided on a new course of action with the Future of Gaming right now. I do not have the time right now to write a new article, simply because I am spending my time on programming and other life related things. I will, however, make updates to the articles as I see fit.

January 18, 1998 11:50:41 AM
The MMX article has been updated with a little bit of information on what Intel's sequel to MMX will be. The DVD article has been updated with the first game to offer a DVD version.

Spent the day studing for exams, doing some coding and some updating. Fun!

January 14, 1998 11:09:43 PM
Oops! I screwed up in posting my new article the first time. It is up properly now.

I have added a brand-spanking new article to the Future of Gaming: a review of Red Storm Entertainment's first game: Politika. It is an interesting strategy game that adds some unique twists. The Java and Dynamic HTML Games article has been updated accordingly.

I plan on taking a break from the site for about a week or so to focus on Windows programming and exams which are coming up, so this will be my last update for about two weeks.

January 9, 1998 8:28:40 PM
The Future of Gaming has moved to Planetquake!

Welcome to the Future of Gaming, the one gaming site on the Internet to focus exclusively on how computer gaming is changing. I have some great stuff planned for the second year of our existance. I have a pair of articles to get written, a slight site overhaul, and plans for a new section. I would like to find some sites which share my focus, and hopefully set up a close association with them.

Thanks to the guys at PQ who made it possible. I feel that this site is a high quality source of gaming information, and I hope you feel the same. If you have any comments, please send a message.

The Future of Gaming is created by Evan Jones