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  • Windows 95 (Windows NT not yet tested)
  • Registered version of Quake or Quake II
  • Hardware: min. anything that runs W95 (the larger the database the more memory and processor speed you need)
Supported Log Types

    GibStats can read four types of logs:

  • client and listen server logs of Quake 3 Arena, Quake or Quake II games
  • dedicated server logs of Quake 3 Arena and Quake and
  • Standard Logs (only Quake II server).
    Note that Quake II dedicated server logs are unsuitable for use with GibStats, unless you use a path to create Standard Logs. GibStats supports any log which is a Standard Log. Client/ listen server logs are only supported if support has been implemented. Below you will find a list of mods which permit you to output a Standard Log (supported). And a list supported client/ listen server log of the Quake I and II mods.
Mods with Standard Log Support:

    If a mod can output a Standard Log it is automatically compatible to GibStats. Standard Logs can only be produced by dedicated servers and if the Standard Logging has been implemented by the author. A list of mods, such as Lithium II, Holywars, GSLogMod, etc, supporting the Log Standard can be found at the site, which is run by Mark Davies.

Client/ listen server log support

    The client log of each patch contains custom messages. Therefor GibStats has to be customized for each patch, so that it does understand these messages. Some server mods allow the server op to change the messages printed to your screen. In this case these messages will not be recognized by GibStats. You have to add them to the appropriate file config file of GibStats.

    How to customize GibStats is explained in detail in the help file. If your patch is not listed below then add support of your favorite patch to GibStats, send the modified config file to me and I will release the support with credits in the next update. I do not have enough time to add support for all the patches out there.

    You can also analyse Quake I server logs. But this only applies to regular DM games and it will provide you with much less information on the game (no map names, etc.). But because of the odd way to log things with a Quake I dedicated server this does not work very well.

    GibStats can analyse any of the client or listen server logs listed below.

    Quake II
      Name of Patch Status of Support
      Gladiator Bot Full support
      Action Quake II Full support
      Quake II (regular DM) Full support
      Quake II CTF Full support
      Eraser Bot Full support
      Power Ball Full support
      HolyWars Full support (only with tricks)
      LM CTF (TE) Full support
      Superheroes II Full support
      Battleground Full support
      Pure DM Full support

    Quake I
      Name of Patch Status of Support
    Patch Client Listen Server Dedicated Server Patch Data (eg flag capture) Weapons
    QuakeII Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
    QuakeII CTF Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes
    GS Log Mod N/A N/A Yes N/A Yes
    Regular DM (QuakeI) Yes Yes N/A N/A Yes
    ThreeWave CTF (QuakeI) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    PainKeep (QuakeI) Yes Yes No Yes Yes
    Team Fortress (QuakeI) Yes Yes No N/A Yes
    Future vs Fantasy (QuakeI) Yes Yes No N/A No
    ThunderWalker CTF (Quake I) Yes Yes No Yes No
    HexenII Yes Yes No N/A No
    Hipnotic Mission Pack (QuakeI) Yes Yes No N/A Yes
    Orange (QuakeI) Yes Yes No N/A Yes
    SuperHeroes (QuakeI) Yes Yes No N/A No
    SuperHeroes (QuakeI) Yes Yes No N/A No

    GSLogMod = function supported if using the GS Log Mod
    Yes = full support
    No = no support
    N/A = either not available or impossible to implement