Bitchen GNB image by Ryan "Sub-Zero" Markley

Current bug issues :

Non applicable characters in the Quake 3 editor are showing up in color. Doh. We'll fix this minor little thing next release.

We have had a few issues concerning Windows large fonts coming up. We are getting on it, and will have a fix for it next release.

Whoops. A new issue that has just come up is that when you use the selector for Quake 2 FNS or ALL it will remove some characters from the other name editors too. We will fix this next release.

If you find a bug, please report it.  Have any questions, comments, or suggestions?  Mail them too!

Development :

We are currently researching fun name support for Unreal Tournament, as well as better support for games such as this that support ASCII namefun.

We are currently researching and hoping to implement support for additional games.  You can request a game by posting about it in the forums, or mailing me.

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