Bitchen GNB image by Ryan "Sub-Zero" Markley


Not quite convinced that the GNB owns? Alright you, time to look at some screenshots!

  The Game Name Builder is the fun name editting software preferred by 3 out of 4 quad monkeys! [View]

  Need more COLOR in your Quake 3 names? The Game Name Builder is right there for ya baybee! [View]

  It takes a special kind of person to appreciate the GNB. [View]

  The Game Name Builder isn't just for 3D games! Check out this screenshot of the GNB's NetStorm support! [View]

  Not only that, but you can use The Game Name Builder for ANY game or application that requires special letters or symbols. Featured is support for DOS fonts [View] and Windows fonts! [View]

  If you register you will get GameSpy support, a very handy tool indeed. Check out how easy it is! [View]

  If, like Cranky Steve, you're getting along in years and can't see quite like you used to don't despair! If you find yourself unclear on something, simply use the expand image feature and you can check out an inflated version of the picture! [View]

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