Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Q3LA build 071 - basic UT support, bug fixes

Fixes and changes:

"Basic support" for UT means that the correct weapons are now displayed, not the regular Q3 weapons. However, Q3LA doesn't recognize if a log or a single game in the log is UT or Q3, you have to choose the weaponset in the cfg (and, of course, use the cfg). Yes, this means that you can completely configure weapon names in the cfg now (should have been like this from the start), so maybe it can be easily adapted to other mods. Related to this is that now there is a distinction between rocket / rocket splash and plasma / plasma splash, because Q3 actually does differentiate between kills by direct hit and kills by splash in the log.

Another small change: I now compiled the Windows executables with two compilers: a) MS Visual Studio 6, b) Dev C++; project files for both IDEs and a Linux makefile are included, of course. This might make it easier to mess around with the code, for those who are interested in that, because the latter IDE is available under GPL, uses a gcc derivative compiler and is just a 10 MB download. Hint: Don't use the beta version, it compiles crap (for Q3LA, that is).

Download build 071 now!

Monday, February 25, 2002

Q3LA build 068

Noticed after some HTML tinkering that tables are not centered in Opera 6. Duh! Fixed that. So download build 068 already. There was another small change in build 067, but as usual, I forgot what I did!

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Q3LA build 066

Download build 066. I don't know what's been changed since build 062, just try it. ;)

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Q3LA build 062 - bug fixes, Q3TA weapons

Q3LA build 062 is now available for download. The changes aren't too exciting, just some bug fixes (build 059 crashed too often, everyone who mailed me about it and tried build 061/062 told me it works now) and support for Q3 Team Arena weapons. Just the weapons, not the new game modes - only supported game modes currently are DM and team DM; perhaps somebody would like to add support for other game modes? Use  the source code and do it. :) 

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Q3LA build 059 - now split Windows / Linux releases

Damn Winzip/rar. My perfectly good Linux makefile always got messed up (linefeeds) when zipped with Winrar and unzipped under Linux. Now I split the Windows / Linux release (and the Linux release is now being zipped under Linux) so it doesn't happen again. There are now and, and only the latter includes the source code (which of course is not Linux specific).  What else has changed from build 058 -> 059? I don't know, but it can only be better now. ;) Just download it. 

Friday, October 13, 2000

Q3LA build 058 - reduced memory usage 

Reduced Q3LA's memory usage by making the kill matrix increase dynamically. For those who care (maybe the people who maintain a custom version of Q3LA): It was a fixed 512x512x32x4 byte array in build 057, now it's 8x8x32x4 - that's 1/4096 of the previous size -, and max_clients is doubled each time the player count exceeds the current limit, up to 512 clients. Just this one change because it simply used  too much mem. Download it. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Q3LA build 057 - just to fix two new bugs from 056 :) 

Fixed two bugs:

- there was a memory leak in build 056 (Windows simply ignored it but q3la segfaulted under Linux)
- stack size problem sorted out (now it simply doesn't use as much stack as in build 056)

Download it. 

Sunday, October 08, 2000

Help needed (problem with Linux and build 056)!

Seems like the default stack size with gcc under Linux is too small for build 056 (should be 3 or 4 MB). I'm not a Linux/gcc pro, so it'd be nice if you could tell me how to change the stack size for the compiler - I guess a simple change in the Makefile would be all that is needed?  

Q3LA build 056 - faster, nicer, support for huge games (up to 512 clients)

Finally, after quite some time a new build. Well, not that new, I just forgot to upload the news. :)

Download it. The list of changes since build 045. If you miss any features, tell me.

! increased MAX_CLIENTS from 64 -> 512 (side effects: it's faster but needs 2 MB more stack)
! added player vs player stats for each player (crosslinked)
! choice of sort order now possible in the stats
! command line options can now be put before AND after filespecs
! added option /top<x> to write an additional top <x> players list, useful for very large Q3 logfiles
* improved player sorting performance
* list game numbers in chat.htm
* mark spectator chat in tourney games by [---- <text> ----], because the two players can't read it
* condensed game lists a bit
* file creation date in games.htm and players.htm (Windows only)
* total deaths split up into killed/suicides/deaths again
* fixed: option /c changed to /l because of interference with option /cfg:
* fixed warmup recognition in tournament games 
* fixed problems with times > 9999 minutes
* fixed last game in a split game list refering to the wrong list
* fixed possible crash when client_id > 1000 (world) and no_bots == true
* fixed sorting by name (was sorted by html instead of ascii names)

Sunday, June 25, 2000

Q3LA build 045 - much faster, improved stats layout and more...

Download build 045. Here's the list of changes since build 040. If you miss any features, tell me.

! approximately 20 % faster
! game index file (instead of 42 million games in one html file :)
* added more game info (gamename, gametype)
* chat log is written to chat.htm
* game count now continuous (before, ignored games were counted, too)
* fixed Linux port (compiles again)
* Linux: wildcards in filespec allowed
* teamplay scores (frags - teamkills)
* list teams in games.htm
* players listed by last team in teamgames
* don't count spectator times as playtime
* BFG pickups were counted as shotgun pickups
* fixed team string overflow (happened if Q3 was stuck in a client_info loop)

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Q3LA build 040 - health/armor, weapon/ammo, item stats & OSP support

Download build 040 or see what it looks like first. Major new features are OSP support, health/armor stats, weapon/ammo stats and item stats (yes, quad stats - finally). Btw, are there already other parsers with detailed item/weapon pickup stats?

Here's the list of changes since build 036. If you miss any features, tell me.

! OSP support (checked with TDM/FFA/railonly)
! health & armor pickup stats
! item pickup stats
! weapon & ammo pickup stats
* list of all teams a player was part of instead of only last recent team
* fixed funname conversion (again)
* funnames now optional (command line option /f to use ascii only names)
* teamkills are counted for the teams only, not for the players
* fixed wrong descriptions in per game stats
* fixed missing players
* fixed missing mapnames/timelimits

Oh, this page looks ugly to me. Anyone want to redesign it? You'll get free copies of Q3LA and idDA! :-)

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Q3LA build 036 - teamplay stats

Download build 036 of Q3LA (do it now :)! What's new: teamplay stats. Just standard Q3 teamplay for now, no CTF etc. I hope they're complete enough, if something is missing or if you have suggestions, don't hesitate to tell me.

Friday, February 18, 2000

Q3LA build 035

Download build 035 or see what it looks like first. The Linux port may be broken, but I hope it's not (I couldn't test it because my Linux installation died today). Please tell me if it works.
Here's the list of changes since build 030:

* parsing of more than one log possible (Windows version only)
* major speed increase in total player sorting
* decreased default font size
* font sizes for titles and text configurable (CFG)
* fixed playtime count
* fixed MKIOL calculation
* renamed "killed" to "deaths"
* ratio now (fpm - dpm), not (fpm / dpm) - duh
* additional player list link in per game stats
* if MKIOL = 0, "-" is displayed
* if playtime = 0, ratio "ERR" is displayed
* slightly changed per player stats
* players in game list / per game stats were always sorted by skill
* per player stats: percentages rounded correctly
* funnames_to_ascii - conversion of '<' and '>' to '&lt;' and '&gt;'
* funnames_to_ascii/html - conversion of '&' to '&amp;'
* found out I don't like Netscape (again)
* fixed stylesheet declaration
* if exist, use external stylesheets (q3la.css)
* no more segfaults under Linux

Monday, February 14, 2000

Q3LA build 030

Quite some changes/improvements/fixes since build 024. Download it or have a look at how it looks like
I can't even say which are the most important changes, there are too many. Here's the whole list:

* per player stats (kills by weapons, relative + absolute)
* average ping stats

* Linux port fixed
* config file "q3la.cfg"
* specify another config file
* specify output directory (CFG)
* specify homepage return address and string to be displayed (CFG)
* cleaned up player stats
* option min_kills to limit length of player list
* option min_games to limit length of player list
* option max_players to limit length of player list
* option min_playtime to limit length of player list
* use only the games listed in games.htm for the total results (players.htm)
* if player reconnects, old data is used (except if bot)
* limits listed in players.htm
* number of games each player played
* gamecount fixed
* funname to html conversion fixed
* funname to ascii conversion fixed
* efficiency now (100 * kills / (kills + total deaths))
* sort by playtime
* sorting by name fixed
* divides by zero (-1.#J) in stats fixed
* prevent negative and zero playtimes
* bot status listed in extra column
* q3la_games directory deleted before output
* improved handling of corrupt logfiles
* complete HTML readme
* no more spaces in HTML file names (some Browsers seem to dislike it)
* merge players with different colored but same names in player list

Not exactly a small list. I hope you notice how the program has improved. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2000

Q3LA build 024

Some frag / death counts in build 023 seem to be twice as high as they should be - fixed.

Features added:

A few more stats were added:

You can now sort the ranking by Ratio, Eff, Skill, Frags, Kills or Name. If you think something is wrong (or "not standard") with my methods to calculate Ratio/Skill/Efficiency, please tell me.

Download the new build here. Or look at the sample output first.

I've been told the new builds wouldn't compile under Linux without errors. I'm sorry for that, I seldom use Linux and thus didn't test if it works. I'll try to look into it later this weekend.

Friday, February 11, 2000

Q3LA build 023

Quite some changes since build 016. To sum it up:

I've also set up a sample output. Click yourself through the game and player lists and individual game stats to see what it looks like.

And still more to come later this weekend, I hope. Features that are still planned:

Download Q3LA build 023. Please mail me your thoughts, suggestions and bug reports.

Thursday, February 03, 2000

Q3LA build 016

Fixed one crashing bug that was caused by... an "anomality" in Q3A's log files (player connect after a game has ended, I think). Also, Q3LA now has the option to exclude bots from the results. Download Q3LA build 016.

Saturday, January 22, 2000

idDA GUI Loader; still interested in Q3LA?

WHiFF coded a browser for idDA. So if you don't want to associate .dm2 files with idDA directly (by running idda1reg.exe) or don't want to use the MS Explorer for feeding idDA with demos, download this browser.

By the way, sorry that I didn't work on Q3LA recently. If I had my own Q3 server, it would have been finished a long time ago... I even don't know if anybody is interested in Q3LA any more, because there are so many other log parsers for Q3 (one of them, Q3Log, even includes idDA for HTML stats and does some great things of its own, such as graphs and a nice GUI - try it!). So if you want me to work on Q3LA again, tell me.


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