Another great QuakeII player has recently decided to join "n|":
Ladies and gentlemen! Please, give it up for n|magnet !!!
After a long break he comes back to Israeli QuakeII scene and joins his former 'students' ;)

Clan "n|" has officially finished recruiting new members and is now ready to any QuakeII DM challenge from other clans or mixed teams.

Speaking of challenges, we are openning a new section on our site - Challenges. It'll contain information on, so called, 'Trick / Bot challenges' which we are going to arrange due to absence of any other competitions around here ;). For those of you who is not familiar with it here's a brief review:

To participate in a bot challenge contest you need to play a game against a bot (bots) on the challenge conditions (for example: map - q2dm1, bot - gladiator/reaper, dm flags - 2, time limit - 5 min, frag limit - 0, goal - as many frags as possible), record a demo and send it to us. 'Competent jury' will pick the winner. His name and demo will be posted on our site and probably on IQN

For those who wants to make a trick challenge, do a QuakeII trick (for example: get out of lava with rocket jump with minimum damage, jump from point A to point B without a use of any weapon), record it and send it to us. We will post your challenge conditions and a tutorial (screenshot). To participate in the trick challenge contest do the trick on the challenge conditions, record it and send the demo to us. The same 'competent jury' ;) will pick the winner and we will post his name and demo on our site and probably on IQN

We took liberty to begin with 4 relatively easy challenges. Check it out here. Send us your demos and new challenges.

- n|dawg


Greetings ;)

Been a long time, huh... Well, we're still alive and kicking ;) ... went through a few changes though. It seems that clan [nBn], being a very young clan, is still going through it's forming stage...And God knows when it's going to be over ;)

First, we all got sick of this [nBn] thingy before screen-name and we've decided to stick with only one "n".

My mate plat, aka 'platinum', aka 'unholy', has finally decided to get back to his original screen-name - 'master-d'. Surprise, surprise ;) (not for all of us, of course)

I, myself, got sick of hearing: "...do u know that there's a famous Quake player named "Reptile" out there ?", "...you do realise, that it's pure plagarism ?! why dont you name yourself Thresh or something ?", every time someone new comes around, so from now own it's "dawg". I trully hope, that there's no famous player named 'dawg"' ;)

All previous news went to Archive section which will be available soon.

- n|dawg