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Also, excuse my mistake for writing Janurary, where the news below are valid for February :)

NetVision's RocketArena Server Moves To Final Arena February 3rd, 1998
If all go as planned, today - Tuesday, NetVision's Gamesmaster will install the latest (and final I think) RocketArena map collection called Final Arena.

You MUST download
this file and install it at your RocketArena directory in order to play on the server when the "patch" (6.8 MB in size and you must download it) is installed.

Also, check NetVision's
Quake-page for other useful Quake files.

BreakingNews: NetVision Opens Quake 2 Server!!! February 2nd, 1998
YES! You've heard it right!
For all of you eager Quake players, NetVision has finally opened it's Quake 2 Server at address: ; Port (Default, no need to specify) 27910

Before you blow up.. head on to the new
dedicated Quake 2 page over at NetVision and download the latest patch (v3.10) REQUIRED to play on the server.

Haze Opens Israeli Quake Forum
The Saint Joins Clan SOD
February 1st, 1998
Haze Opens Israeli Quake Forum
Haze, a known Israeli Quake Player has built a WWW
Israeli Quake Forum.
His Email regarding his new site was sent to IQN at January 22nd, and by mistake I probably forgot to read it.

I apologize for the mistake and wish you all to visit on the page and participate in its unique offering.

The Saint Joins Clan SOD
The Saint has joined Clan SOD after Clan 666 broke up.
IQN will try and find out what happened to the other members who were in it.